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Al-Bahar Industries, was established in 1972 to trade in chemicals, equipment, machinery, tools and other products. The company went through many developments throughout the years. The most profound development took place in the late 70’s when it went into production of adhesives with the cooperation of a British adhesives firm.

After this, it shifted emphasis to the industrial production. In the early 80’s became licensed producer of Dupont Automotives paints for the Kuwait and other markets. In the Mid 80’s started producing Lux liquid and Sunsilk shampoo under license from Unilever for the Kuwait marked, this license was extended later to include more products and cover the entire G.C.C. market.

At the moment the company has 3 production lines: Adhesives & Sealants, Automotive paints from Dupont and Detergents under its own brand name, in addition to filling other brands for various customers.

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Contact info #1

Eng. Ayman Abdul Mon'em Shajrawi
+965 2 471 7010
Plant Manager
+965 2 472 8519
Sabhan, Block 8, Street 82, Plot 167, Kuwait

Contact info #2

Marwan M Al-Samhouri
+965 2 471 7010
Chief Accountant
+965 2 472 8519
Sabhan, Block 8, Street 82, Plot 167, Kuwait

Contact info #3

Robert Bickner
+965 2 471 7010
Technical Manager
+965 2 472 8519
Sabhan, Block 8, Street 82, Plot 167, Kuwait

Contact info #4

Mohammed N. Abu-Dria
+965 2 471 7010
Chemical Sales Engineer
+965 2 472 8519
Sabhan, Block 8, Street 82, Plot 167, Kuwait


Al-Bahar Industries produces a wide range of Adhesives and Sealants for various purposes in association with major multi nationals such as General Electric. The quality and performance of these products are of the highest standard. Only top quality raw material is used to manufacture products along with strict quality control procedures. This is guaranteed by the professional staff of engineers and technical personnel who endeavor to maintain our promised quality and performance.


Being health oriented and environmentally conscious, Al-Bahar Industries produces a variety of detergents for each segment of the market. Only environmentally friendly raw material without any adverse effect on the human body ones used. The earlier association with Unilever guarantees the quality of its product. This is further cemented by experienced staff and strict quality control policy.


Al-Bahar Industries are licensed Dupont automotive refinish paints manufacture in Kuwait and other neighboring markets. The brand is a global leader, which enabled us to gain valuable experience on an international level. We provide solutions for auto paints, that covers technical paint support from panel beating to spray techniques and total garage managements training.

Al-Bahar Industries Co. - شركة صناعات البحر

  • Sabhan, Block 8, Street 82, Plot 167, Kuwait, Kuwait
  • +965 2 471 7040 / 010
  • +965 2 474 5470, +965 2 472 8519
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