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Khalil Bahman & Partners's mission is to achieve continuous excellence in servicing customers by giving fair competitive pricing, quality products and on time delivery. Being an ISO 9001 accredited company, global thinking is an integral and vital part of the company's strategy, which ensures ultimate customer satisfaction.


The company's facilities comprise of fabrication shops, machine shop, hot dip galvanizing plant, sandblasting and painting yard which are comprehensively well equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, equipment and competent manpower resources required for heavy, medium and light custom-built fabrication services.

Its hot-dip galvanization plant is one of the largest plants in Kuwait, well equipped with state-of-the-art:

  • Machinery,
  • Equipment,
  • Furnace,
  • Degreasing tanks,
  • Acid pickling tanks,
  • Rinsing tanks,
  • Fluxing tanks,
  • Zinc bath,
  • Quenching (passivation) tanks,
  • In-house testing, and
  • Inspection facilities.

Its total facilities cover an area of 10,000 m2 fabrication, machining and hot-dip galvanization plant in Ahmadi, 11,000 m2 sandblasting & painting yard and 20,000 m2 new heavy engineering fabrication facilities in Mina Abdulla Industrial Area.


The company has been pre-qualified by the major companies of Kuwait:

  • Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC),
  • Kuwait Oil Company (KOC),
  • Joint Operations (JO) for several categories of work and its clients over the years include many of the world’s major engineering and construction companies i.e.:
  •  Combined Group Co.,
  •  National Kharafi,
  •  Hyundai,
  •  Daelim,
  •  Bechtel,
  •  Brown and Root,
  •  Halliburton,
  •  Saudi Texaco,
  •  Mitsuibishi,
  •  Zeeco Inc.,
  •  Senzo Engineering,
  •  Foster Wheeler,
  •  Worley Parsons,
  •  Flour etc.

Also the company carries out work for the MEW, MPW, Ministry of Housing and other private sector companies.

Khalil Bahman & Partners - شركة خليل بهمن و شركاه للتجارة العامة و المقاولات ذ.م.م

  • Block No. 6, Plot No. 83 92 East Ahmadi Industrial Area, Ahmedi, Kuwait, Kuwait
  • +965 2224 0044
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