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The Al Muntasser Shampoo Factory (AMSF), is Kuwait's leading, respected and trusted producer of personal care and household products and perfumes. A twenty-year veteran and industry leader in the Gulf region, AMSF is the producer of the SOFTY brands of products and favorite in homes, hospitals, hotels, companies, and factories.

The internationally recognized SOFTY brand of products include an expansive line of more than 66 products including household cleaning detergents, soaps and disinfectants, and personal care products. These highly popular products are a direct result of AMSF's ability to deliver high quality goods that are reliable, hygienic, reasonably, priced and aesthetically pleasing. All SOFTY products have unique ingredients and pleasant fragrances that are enjoyed by families and professionals alike. The root of AMSF's success is in its unique blends of natural ingredients that that penetrate dirt, oils and stains, which are available at individual as well as industrial standards.

AMSF is a leader in the Gulf market, with lab facilities equipped with the most advanced microbiological testing systems that consistently meet international quality standards for all cleaning and personal care products.  Products range from shampoo, hair and body soap, gel and conditioners to household products including oven cleaner, toilet cleaner, dishwashing liquid, fabric softener, carpet cleaner, floor-cleaners, all purpose cleaner and antiseptic disinfectants. It is the use of modern and efficient processes and high-tech machinery and the utilization of natural raw materials that sustains the high quality products and strong customer satisfaction.

AMSF operates by developing partnerships, via license agreements, with international companies, which distribute AMSF products locally, regionally and globally. Much success has been achieved and produced profitable outcomes for the AMSF and its partners. The process of operating under a license agreements allows for the strict control of brand identity and ensures that AMSF consumers receive the best quality and value daily in every market the products are available. AMSF plans to expand its manufacturing facilities abroad and intends to build its first plant overseas in the Kingdom or Jordan.

AMSF's business strategy is and will continue to be to ensure that when a customer chooses cleaning or personal care products, AMSF products are available, exceed customer expectations and are competitively.


Al Muntasser Shampoo Factory (AMSF)

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