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Al Kout Industrial Projects (AIP), is building a diverse portfolio of industrial businesses in Kuwait. The first of these was Chlor Alkali, following the purchase of the former PIC Salt & Chlorine plant in July 2000. Since acquiring the plant it has doubled the production capacity and completely modernized all plant critical systems. The Chlor Alkali process starts with the dialysis of seawater to make a concentrated salt solution.

Pure salt is then produced through vacuum distillation and further processing. AIP’s salt is used in applications as diverse as food manufacture and oil drilling. However, most of the salt it makes is used as raw material for Chlorine, Caustic Soda, and Sodium Hypochlorite. These products are essential for the supply of safe drinking water, and public utilities around the Gulf region rely on AIP as a dependable source of supply.

The fastest-growing product in the Chlor Alkali portfolio is the Hydrochloric Acid, used in oil drilling, chemical processing and a range of other industries. In response to strong demand across the region, AIP trebled its capacity in 2003.

AIP provides free training and unrivalled technical service to all its major customers around the Middle East region. The company wants to be sure that its products not only arrive safely, but that they continue to be handled safely after they have left its care.

The company's desire to ensure that AIP products are delivered safely and professionally, led to the formation of the Ahlia Larosa Transport Company (ALTC) in 2004. ALTC operates a fleet of road vehicles providing professional transport for chemical products around the Middle East.

AIP is a closed shareholding company listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange.

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Al Kout Industrial Projects Company - الكوت للمشاريع الصناعية

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