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For more than 50 years, Burhan has been in the forefront of engineering and construction, creating sustainable solutions and building long-term value for customers, shareholders and employees, and for society at large.

We design and build facilities that improve quality of life. We build systems that transport us, public and private buildings in which we live and work, urban developments that create and improve our communities, and the water, energy and communication networks vital to our existence.

With a commitment to world-class standards of quality, safety and sustainability combined with our promise of competitive pricing and on time delivery, we have been successful in earning the trust of, and creating value for, both clients and the society as a whole.

With expertise in general contracting, construction of highways, highway structures, utilities, bridges and development of commercial-residential and public-private buildings, we create sustainable solutions and aim to maintain our position as the leading provider of complex construction services in the region.

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Burhan International Construction Company

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