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United Oil Projects (UOP), was established in 1979, focusing first on the production and marketing of synthetic resins for the manufacture of architectural and industrial coatings and glass reinforced polyester products. Following a temporary halt to business in 1990 due to the Iraqi invasion, UOP built new state-of-the-art facilities in 1997 and began operating once again in early 2001.

A major restructuring was completed in mid-2005 during which the authorized and paid-up capital was raised to KD 10 million. The objective was to respond to increasing global demand for oil by investing company capital in promising investment opportunities in Kuwait and throughout the region.


The company's three-fold mission represents its long-term business objectives, which are:

  • To progressively enhance the value of shareholders’ returns through dynamic and strategic investment in the energy sector.
  • To develop a regional network of deal sources; as well as identify and secure lucrative investment opportunities with industry leaders.
  • To consistently uphold our social responsibilities towards the environment and employees by adopting high quality standards and best practices.

UOP decisively pursue its mission guided by its corporate values of sustainability, excellence, commitment and responsibility:

  • UOP upholds sustainability in its business strategy, investment plans, financial growth and environmental considerations to ensure the mutual growth of our investors, employees, the market it operates in and the wider community.
  • It aims for excellence in everything involved, be it targeting sound investment, or recruiting well-experienced technical staff. It values excellence in standards and business performance.
  • The company is committed to the interests of the stakeholders – from employees and business partners to shareholders. This is why it encourages a corporate culture characterized by strong business ethics, accountability, transparency and continuous dialogue with the shareholders.
  • The company is responsible and conducts every phase of its investment strategies with thoroughness, cost-efficiency and prudent analysis in order to be better equipped and to offer its shareholders increased long- term value for their investments.
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United Oil Projects - الشركة المتحدة للمشروعات النفطية

  • Shaiba Industrial, Block 4, St. 7 Building 47, Kuwait, Kuwait
  • +965 2 326 3297
  • +965 2 326 0179
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