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  • Infrastructure, Construction & Civil Engineering
  • Metal Processing, Parts & Components
  • Services (R&D, training, engineering, consultancy, …)
  • Ships, Vessels, Submarines & related equipment

DINACOL S.A., is first and foremost, a service organization, with core competencies in the metallurgical industry in construction, repair and maintenance disciplines, attending the maritime, naval, fluvial and civil industries. The Company provides a wide spectrum of services tailored around its clients' requirements, and has been certified under ISO 9000 quality management system, guaranteeing to exceed customers’ expectations.

DINACOL S.A. is equipped with everything from lathes and milling machines to TIG welding machines. Whatever the scope of the work, it has the appropriate equipment to perform it. DINACOL S.A.’s welding machinery is certified and specialised in MIG, TIG, and stick welding processes, while the company itself is equipped with certified engineers in NDT specialised in welding and related technologies. Its technicians and equipment are fully mobile, allowing the Company to serve every need anywhere, anytime.


Industrial sector:

  • Platforms and ladders,
  • Metallic structures,
  • Hoppers,
  • Tanks,
  • Industrial equipment,
  • Piping systems,
  • Assembly and installation of structures,
  • Silos,
  • Pressure and boiler tanks (Currently on ASME certification process),
  • Duct works,
  • Blasting and coating protection processes.

 Naval sector:

  • Construction and repair of all type of ocean and river navigation vessels,
  • Steel fabrication and replacement, piping, container guides, etc.,
  • Blasting and coating protection processes.

 Civil sector:

  • Rigid and flexible pavements,
  • Foundations, etc.,
  • Buildings,
  • Roofs,
  • Multiple buildings,
  • Ducts,
  • Bridges,
  • Hangars,
  • Blasting (Sand/Grid) and coating protection processes.

Contact info #1

Veronica Bolle Diaz
+57 5 667 3001/315 768 8310
Deputy Manager
+57 5 667 1082
Ceballos Dg. 30 No. 54-124, Cartagena, Colombia

Construction Installation & Repair Services

DINACOL S.A. is able to execute large projects in compliance with customers’ requests. The Company has the support of operational and technological resources and the managerial and technical skills of its human talent, which together ensure optimal and timely delivery of projects.


Different types of constructions and assemblies, related to:

• Petrochemical plants,
• Cement plants,
• Mining facilities,
• Refineries,
• Food processing plants,
• Ports, piers and platforms,
• Roads,
• Heavy metal structures,
• Other types of manufacturing plants and warehouses,
• Maritime and river ports,
• Maritime and river vessels.

In the industrial sector, the Company offers construction, installation and repair of:

• Warehouses,
• Boilers and pressure vessels,
• Storage tanks,
• Processing tanks,
• Compressed air tanks,
• Pipes,
• Silos,
• Ducts,
• Heavy welded structures,
• Industrial machinery and equipment.

Steel sheets processing:

• Conical and cylindrical rolling,
• Folding,
• Plasma & Oxyfuel cutting.

Blasting and Coating Processes:

• Sandblasting,
• Grid blasting.

In the civil and infrastructure sector, the Company offers construction, installation and repair services on:

• Docks,
• Ports,
• Bridges,
• Hangars,
• Sheds,
• Ducts,
• Towers,
• Hydraulic and sanitary networks.

Construction and maintenance of:

• Buildings and other urban works,
• Conventional and special concrete structures,
• Rigid and Flexible pavements,
• Earthworks and foundations,
• Compacting and levelling.

In the naval sector, the Company offers construction, installation and repair services on:

• Watercraft,
• Platforms,
• Buoys.

Lengthening and structural modifications on ships.

Boat repowering.

Blasting techniques.

• Sandblasting,
• Grid blasting,
• Hydro blasting.

Civil, Naval & Metalworking Design

DINACOL S.A. develops civil, naval and metalworking structures fully adjusted to the requirements of its customers, with the support of expert engineers from different engineering areas.

• Design of equipment and mechanical parts,
• Structural drawings,
• Drawings of industrial systems,
• Machinery design,
• Design of different vessels,
• Road infrastructure plans,
• Design of piers and platforms,
• Design of different types of metalworking structures.

Quality Control Processes

DINACOL S.A. offers specialised Non Destructive Testing services as follows:

• Visual Inspection Services,
• Liquid Penetrant Examination,
• Magnetic Particles Inspection,
• Ultrasound Inspection,
• Non Destructive Testing on Coating Layers (thickness, cracks, etc.).

DINACOL S.A. offers specialised inspection and testing services on loading equipment as follows:

• Inspection and certification of loading equipment,
• Operational and structural inspection,
• Functionality and capability testing,
• Inspection on lifting equipment of lifeboats,
• Bollard pull tests.


• Review and verification of designs and drawings,
• Quality control and NDT,
• Qualification of personnel and procedures,
• Inspection of items to be delivered,
• Industrial safety review,
• Design and implementation of quality plans.


DINACOL S.A. is equipped with advanced equipment, such as:

• Hydraulic bending machine (2 ½” thickness capacity).
• Hydraulic press brake (3000 mm width capacity).
• Overhead traveling crane (Cap. 10 MT).
• Blasting and painting chambers.
• Mechanized plasma cutter table.
• Telescopic forklift.
• Compressors.
• TIG and MIG welders.


  • Design, construction and pilotage of a floating dock (SPRC),
  • Design and construction of a warehouse on a metallic structure (RBR S.A.)
  • Design and construction of two tugs of 550 HP (SPRC/Intertug S.A.),
  • Metallic pipe structure construction (ADCOL S.A.),
  • Container guide repair jobs at MV Algol, Hansa Greifswald, Aegir, etc. (SPRC/ Panmax Marine),
  • Repowering of Carex and Hercules tugs (Intertug S.A./OTM),
  • Design of floating docks approved by LR. (Navtech S.A.),
  • Auditing and NTD on the water duct platform project – (Valero Refining Company).


Dinacol S.A.

  • Ceballos Dg. 30 No. 54 124, Cartagena, Colombia
  • +57 5 667 3001
  • +57 5 667 1082
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