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PRAGMA S.A., is a key partner in the development of high performance software solutions in Colombia and the ideal strategic ally for companies in need of analysis, design, development, delivery and maintenance of customized information systems.

The company offers services, such as the following:

  • Custom software development solutions on Java and .NET platforms.
  • Auditing and tuning of software applications.
  • Perfective and corrective maintenance and support.
  • Body shopping.
  • Enterprise and software architecture consulting services.

The company uses the most effective methodology, techniques and tools in order to achieve excellence. Since 1996, PRAGMA S.A. has been a trusted partner for companies in different business sectors, meeting their needs in areas of software and portal solution development, content management and consultancy services.

PRAGMA S.A. is certified under ISO 9001:2001 Quality Management System and has become the first Latin American company to receive the Business Process Management Award by IBM for technical excellence. The company is recognized as a leader in providing information system services that help clients improve business efficiency, flexibility and agility.

Contact info #1

Pablo Mejia
+57 1 642 1042
Sales Manager
+57 1 642 1042
Carrera 50C # 10 sur 66 of. 202, Apartado Aereo 56665, Medellin, Colombia

Corporate Website / Portal Solutions

PRAGMA S.A. specializes in promoting communication among corporate entities and their target audience, by developing corporate web portals and intranets, making it possible for customers to accomplish their business goals with an excellent return of investment. The company has a team of information architects, developers and graphic designers that are capable of generating coherent, versatile and safe solutions, such as:

  • Custom software development on Java and .NET platforms,
  • Software integration,
  • SOA - service-oriented architecture - development,
  • Process automation,
  • BPM software implementation,
  • Content management and portal solutions development,
  • Mobile applications development,
  • IT project management,
  • Enterprise and software architecture,
  • E-marketing solutions.

Consulting Services

PRAGMA S.A. is offering web and software consulting services for evaluating interactions in digital environments. The company employs an interactive team of experts with the ability to truly understand and identify the clients’ communication and marketing needs, resulting in successful strategies. Among PRAGMA S.A.’s consulting services are:

  • Project management consulting,
  • Enterprise and software architecture consulting,
  • Identity management consulting.

Promotional Services

PRAGMA S.A. undertakes promotional services, such as conceptual design and production and web ads with the use of advanced multimedia tools.

Research and Development Unit

PRAGMA S.A. has created a Research and Development unit for the provision of new techniques and tools in the areas of software development, information management and other core activities of the company.

BPM / SOA Principles

Technology trends such as BPM - Business Process Management and SOA - Service Oriented Architecture are part of the services portfolio of PRAGMA S.A., an expert in consulting, design, optimization, and automation of processes. By implementing the BPM principles and incorporating the guidelines of SOA, PRAGMA S.A. adds unique business value and supports the achievement of strategic goals.

Cero Software

CERO is a flexible, easy-to-configure risk control software. It is used by multiple clients in Latin America (Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Peru, Chile and Argentina) as a risk management tool for action plans implementation, security monitoring and strategy creation.


Among PRAGMA S.A.’s most prominent clients are:


  • Bancolombia,
  • Banco de Bogotá,
  • Colpatria,
  • Enlace Operativo,
  • Familia,
  • ING,
  • Banco Santander,
  • Avon Colombia / Perú,
  • Carvajal Educación.


Pragma S.A.

  • Carrera 50C #10 sur 66 of. 202, Apartado Aereo 56665, Medellin, Colombia
  • +57 4 605 2523
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