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GRUPO CONDOR S.A., is a consulting and information systems development company with expertise in research, monitoring and analysis of business processes. The company focuses its efforts on enterprises active in the industrial, commercial and construction sectors, who are generally known for their high operating costs in critical processes related to the registration of operational and commercial information.

GRUPO CONDOR S.A. helps companies decrease the time of registration, review and delivery of information up to 50% depending on the process, substantially reducing response times up to 40%.

Additionally, the Company covers services ranging from preliminary research, design and development to implementation and support of highly flexible systems, so they could interface with any central information system, using different procedures and proprietary technologies.

The Company has patented and trademarked the names "Advisorf", "Possi_store" and "Possi_medic" before the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce, in order to defend/protect the integrity of its products.


GRUPO CONDOR S.A.’s mission is to be a leading enterprise in research and innovation in the area of information technology, seeking to meet customers’ needs, through the systematization of critical processes. The Company relies on creative, talented and qualified professionals for the sustainability of the organization and the development of society.


GRUPO CONDOR S.A.’s vision is to be acknowledged nationally and internationally as an innovator in the area of information technology dedicated to the ongoing research and development of new technologies and applications.


Contact info #1

Nestor Fabian Santos
+57 1 680 2360 / +57 1 670 0847
General Manager
+57 1 671 2985
Calle 35 No. 16-24 Of: 1305, Edificio Jose Acevedo y Gomez, Bucaramanga, Colombia

Contact info #2

Sandra D. Marin Ruiz
+57 1 680 2360 / +57 1 670 0847
Commercial Director
+57 1 671 2985
Calle 35 No. 16-24 Of: 1305, Edificio Jose Acevedo y Gomez, Bucaramanga, Colombia

RFID & Mobile Applications

GRUPO CONDOR S.A. offers RFID and mobile applications solutions according to customers’ needs:

RFID Services:

  • Feasibility analysis for RFID projects that involves ID and tracking.
  • Design of projects and ROI.
  • Development of information systems for RFID projects.
  • Testing of RFID models and technologies for different frequencies (HF - UHF).
  • Budget plans for the implementation of RFID projects.
  • Research, design and development of solutions comprising of hardware and Middleware software.

Mobile Applications: Design and development of web based applications with a web architecture for remote database access through mobile devices (Smartphones and PDAs).

Web Services

Advisorf Quality: installation and parameterization of a web-based application for the configuration and control of quality system documents. Supply and implementation of an effective web platform for document management.

Hosting and Emails: high quality hosting services for companies that require the most innovative technologies available. The Company relies on fast networks and secured servers.

Easy Web (CMS): Easy Web is a tool for the effective management of websites. This tool allows the creation, editing or deletion of website content, using a simple content management system, without the need of advanced knowledge of complex systems or special programming.

Advisorf Emails: is a tool for the effective management of subscriptions to mailing lists, as well as the sending and follow-up of batch/bulk emails through a user-friendly web interface.

Web Domains Management: GRUPO CONDOR S.A. offers services related to the creation of internet web domains with the support of highly trained personnel specialised in web development. To implement this service the company uses the latest technology available in the market.

Traceability Services

With Advisorf Assets and Advisorf Food the Company offers traceability applications for the food industry. This allows the customer to manage the traceability of processes and products, whether the assets are fixed or not, without having to purchase additional hardware or software.

Engineering Services for the Power Sector

GRUPO CONDOR S.A. offers engineering services for the power sector:

High voltage power lines - 115, 220 and 500 kV voltages: Planning, network design and CAD drawing, CAD electromechanical design, budgeting and scheduling of work.

Medium voltage power lines - 13.8 and 34.5 kV voltages: Planning, network design and CAD drawing, CAD electromechanical design, budgeting and scheduling of work.

Electrical substations 13.2, 33, 115 and 230 kV: Planning, electromechanical design/CAD modeling of electrical network, system automation and budgeting of the related project.

Structures for transmission lines and substations up to 220 kV: Loads analysis, CAD design, budgeting and programming.

Industrial, commercial and residential electrical installation design: Electrical design and CAD drawings preparation.

Structures for communications: Loads analysis, CAD design.

Industrial, commercial and residential communication installation: Analysis and CAD design.

Clients & Projects

Fiduagraria S.A. - Development of an EPC (Electronic Product Code) system based on RFID technology for asset tracking suitable for warehouse environments and open spaces.


UDES - University of Santander - Traceability of products in stock, finished goods, supplies, raw materials and shipments through the monitoring of information systems.


Grupo Condor S.A.

  • Calle 35 No. 16 24 Of: 1305, “Edificio José Acevedo y Gómez”, Bucaramanga, Colombia
  • +57 1 670 0847
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