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For over 50 years, COMPAÑÍA GENERAL DE ACEROS S.A. has been representing the most prestigious steel companies in the world, building a strong image of quality and trust in its products and services.

The enterprise employs more than 500 people, among which a significant number of engineers in metallurgical and mechanical areas, who are ready to assist customers nationwide. COMPAÑÍA GENERAL DE ACEROS S.A. has factories in Cali, Medellin, Barranquilla, Bucaramanga and Bogota.

The Company, with the synergy of its human resources, information systems and technology is able to guarantee the implementation of the highest levels of quality in all processes. COMPAÑÍA GENERAL DE ACEROS S.A. is ISO 9001 certified.

Since 1996, the Company has been exporting its products to the Andean Region and Central and South America. The main products exported are mould carriers, die holders and industrial blades, which are known for their optimal quality, strength and durability thanks to the implementation of cutting edge technologies in all the processes the enterprise is certified in.

The industrial sectors in which COMPAÑÍA GENERAL DE ACEROS S.A. currently distributes its products are:

 • The Plastics Sector,
 • The Automotive Industry,
 • The Paper Sector,
 • The Sugar Milling Sector.


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Santiago Quintero R.
+57 1 770 0560
General Manager
+57 1 770 0530
Av. 68 N° 37B-51 sur, Bogota, Colombia

High Definition Plasma Cutting Services

COMPAÑÍA GENERAL DE ACEROS S.A. has the most advanced technology in high definition plasma cutting, in order to offer precision cutting services at a reasonable cost, reducing machining processes and streamlining maintenance procedures. The company’s cutting capabilities are for metals up to 350 mm.

Blade Sharpening Services

The Company’s sharpening capability is for blades up to 3 meters long and can sharpen tools for the plastic, paper, metalworking, steel and special industry sectors, with special machinery that guarantee the best edge duration and delivery times according to customers’ requirements.

Flame Cutting & Sawing Services

COMPAÑÍA GENERAL DE ACEROS S.A. has the appropriate equipment for cold cut sawing with a cutting capability for bars up to 800 mm in diameter and bars 4,500 x 1,300 x 800 mm weighing 40 tons. The Company has state of the art equipment to meet all market needs.
COMPAÑÍA GENERAL DE ACEROS S.A. also performs two types of thermal cuts: oxy propane cutting for stainless steel up to 10 mm thick and plasma cutting for stainless steel up to 2 mm thick. The Company has a special team for each application and process.

Cutting, Bending & Punching Services

COMPAÑÍA GENERAL DE ACEROS S.A. offers cutting, bending and punching services on steel sheets, CR, HR and aluminium and it is able to manufacture metal products according to clients’ requirements. The Company can assist customers from the designing stage of the components down to the delivery of the final product.

Rolling Services

COMPAÑÍA GENERAL DE ACEROS S.A. has the capability to roll A-36 steel sheets up to 44 mm thick, in a working width of 2750 mm and with diameters of several meters if required. The Company is able to develop tanks, pipelines and engineering projects according to customers’ demands.

Welding Services

The Company implements MIG (Metal Inert Gas), TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) and arc welding processes to create pipes, tanks and other assemblies.

Machining Services

COMPAÑÍA GENERAL DE ACEROS S.A. has more than 100 machine tools in different workshops that perform different types of processes, such as: turning, milling, CNC, grinding, knife sharpening, drilling, shearing, bending, punching and rolling services. The Company can manufacture a variety of machined parts and products in stainless steel and non-ferrous materials.

Mould Carriers

COMPAÑÍA GENERAL DE ACEROS S.A. has a large stock of standard based mould carriers available for immediate delivery and has the capability of manufacturing special moulds according to customers’ requirements; the enterprise can also offer a wide range of accessories.
Standard Base Mould Carriers:
In order to reduce the time and cost of mould manufacturing, COMPAÑÍA GENERAL DE ACEROS S.A. has promoted the concept of standardization of mould carriers. Customers can get more than 300,000 combinations of moulds, some of which are in stock for immediate delivery; CGA can also offer imported mould accessories of the highest quality.

  • All mould carriers in stock have fixed edges,
  • Possibility of choosing between various materials,
  • Possibility to obtain up to 300,000 structural combinations of mould carriers and sealing plates of different thicknesses.

Special Mould Carriers:
The Company’s approach in making these special mould carriers includes:

  • Pocketing and 3D machining on moulds and/or figures (rough or smoothed out),
  • High technology cooling and drilling machining that reduces processing time and improves finishing results,
  • Pocketing and drilling on cavity inserts,
  • Production of internal elements, such as bushings, columns, and interlocks, according to customers’ requirements.

Mould Accessories:
In order to reduce manufacturing time and improve the quality of moulds, COMPAÑÍA GENERAL DE ACEROS S.A. has a wide range of products in partnership with POLIMOLD Brazil:

  • Ejector machines in mm and inches,
  • Centering machines,
  • Conventional and valve gate hot runner systems,
  • Temperature controllers,
  • Nozzles, tips for different materials to be injected,
  • Centering and dater machines, refrigeration components.

Die Sets

In order to reduce costs and manufacturing time, COMPAÑÍA GENERAL DE ACEROS S.A. has been working on the development of manufacturing processes for the production of die holders.

The Company can offer more than 200,000 possible combinations of standard die holders. It can also manufacture special holders according to customers’ design specifications of the highest quality and with excellent delivery times.

Industrial Knives

Longer lasting knife blades result in higher quality products and increase the efficiency of the processes. COMPAÑÍA GENERAL DE ACEROS S.A. manufactures blades for various applications in high quality steel with heat treatment to ensure blade resistance. Product lines include:

  • Blades for the paper sector for the companies Polar, Perfecta, Wohlemberg etc.,
  • Blades for the plastic industry for the companies Cumberland Mills, Paganni and Foremost,
  • Blades for the steel industry: Durable steel blades that are resistant to severe conditions,
  • Chargers blades that are resistant to aggressive materials, such as cement, coal, stone etc.,
  • Blades for the metalworking industry for high precision metal sheet cutting,
  • Knives for special applications according to customers’ requests.

Metal Parts

COMPAÑÍA GENERAL DE ACEROS S.A. has a modern service centre for stainless steel processing where customers’ ideas take shape.
For this purpose, the Company has a design team that is responsible for turning clients’ ideas into reality with the help of specialized software and technical infrastructure supported by equipment, such as CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines, CNC bending machines, cutting machines, rolling machines, and laser cutting and welding machines. This machining centre allows for the manufacture of products for different sectors, such as furniture, architectural and industrial projects, components for offices and hospitals and in general elements involving stainless steel parts in their structure.

Machine Park

Among its assets, the Company is equipped with the following machinery:

  • Gockel knife grinding machines,
  • Mazac CNC machines,
  • Cutting machines,
  • 3 ton crane bridges,
  • Milling machines,
  • Double chamber die ovens,
  • CNC cutting machines,
  • Grinding machines,
  • Sawing machines,
  • Drilling machines,
  • Lathing machines.

Compania General de Aceros

  • Av 68 No. 37B 51 sur, Bogota, Colombia
  • +57 1 770 0560
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