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  • Maintenance Repair Overhaul and Logistics Support
  • Mechanical, Electro-mechanical, Hydraulic and Pneumatic components
  • Metal Processing, Parts & Components
  • Military, Tactical, Logistic Support Vehicles & related equipment
  • Ships, Vessels, Submarines & related equipment

EYCAL METALMECÁNICA LTDA., is a Colombian company located in Barranquilla that specializes in the development of engineering, metalworking, thermal isolation and structural repair and maintenance projects for the mining sector and the industry in general. Its select group of qualified engineers offers consulting, design and assembly services, according to each customer’s particular needs.

EYCAL METALMECÁNICA LTDA. has developed several remarkable projects:

  • In the metalworking area, some of the work that stands out is the maintenance work of a chemical company plant in Barranquilla, the maintenance of a scoop wheel in Puerto Bolívar and the preventive and corrective maintenance of a baggage conveyor at the Riohacha and Valledupar airports.
  • In the mining sector, the reconstruction of idlers and rollers at the Cerrejón mine is the most remarkable work done at the client’s facilities.

The Company has also undertaken naval repairs, such as the repair of barges for the transportation of mining products to/from the Cesar coal mine, as well as the manufacture of a hull/barge for such mine. Additionally, EYCAL METALMECÁNICA LTDA. provided thermal insulation services to a 300 meter thermal oil piping system in Barranquilla and the primary air pipeline of the Termoguajira Coal Power Plant.


EYCAL METALMECÁNICA LTDA. provides integral metalworking services in Barranquilla and the rest of the country with the help of highly qualified personnel that are committed to excellence and the improvement of the quality of processes.


The Company aims to become a leader in the provision of integral metalworking services, extending its coverage to other countries and regions and promoting the image of a responsible, efficient and well known company.

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Contact info #1

Alexander Macias Montano
+57 5 351 9086
Calle 35 # 35 – 56, Barranquilla, Colombia

Contact info #2

Carlos Alberto Oyaga Velilla
+57 5 351 9086
Commercial Manager
Calle 35 # 35 – 56, Barranquilla, Colombia

Consulting Services

The Company is equipped with a group of highly qualified and experienced engineers that provide excellent consulting services, both at the EYCAL METALMECÁNICA LTDA.’s facilities and the customer’s (on-site installation of machinery and equipment).

General Maintenance & Repair Services

EYCAL METALMECÁNICA LTDA. offers both preventive and corrective maintenance and repair services to the mining sector and the industry in general. In addition to the value added services, the Company offers after sale services to all its customers.

Automated / Pneumatic Systems

EYCAL METALMECÁNICA LTDA. manufactures and repairs automated/pneumatic systems and drum dryers on-site, as well as hydraulic and pneumatic jacks, pumps, pipelines and industrial machinery, among others.


The Company is equipped with the following machinery for the provision of the services it currently offers:

  • A 10 ton overhead crane,
  • Conventional lathes,
  • Vertical milling machine,
  • A machining bench,
  • A conventional brush,
  • One 20 HP and two of 7 HP compressors,
  • Electric polishers,
  • A conventional drill,
  • A milling drill,
  • Hand drills,
  • A 100 ton hydraulic press,
  • A mechanical bending machine,
  • Electric welding machines,
  • Airless painting equipment,
  • Oxyacetylene equipment,
  • Plasma cutting equipment,
  • A mechanical bender.

Main Clients

Among EYCAL METALMECÁNICA LTDA.’s most prominent clients are:


  • El Cerrejón Coal Mine,
  • Bavaria S.A.,
  • Gecolsa S.A.,
  • La Jagua Coal Mine.


Success Stories / Projects

The Company has a wide experience in the mining sector and the provision of maintenance and repair services. Among the most remarkable projects it has developed are:


  • Reconstruction of mining rollers for cracker machines at the Cerrejón coal mine,
  • Reconstruction of guide wheels and inner housings,
  • Repair of barges for transportation purposes at the Cesar coal mine,
  • Thermal insulation services on a 300 meter thermal oil piping system in Barranquilla,
  • Thermal insulation services on the primary air pipeline of the Termoguajira Coal Power Plant.


Eycal Metalmecanica Ltda.

  • Calle 35 # 35  56, Atlantico, Barranquilla, Colombia
  • +57 5 351 9086
  • +57 5 372 221
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