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  • Electrical, Electronics & Electro-optics
  • Engines, Propulsion, Power Generation
  • Mechanical, Electro-mechanical, Hydraulic and Pneumatic components
  • Metal Processing, Parts & Components

REMAT INGENIERIA, was founded in 1983 in Barranquilla, Colombia. The Company specializes in the provision of supplies, spare parts and cables for the industrial, electrical and naval sectors in accordance with the INCOTERMS standards (FOB, CIF, DDP, etc.).

The Company's primary objective is to provide customers with competitive, high technology solutions at the lowest cost in order to meet the needs of the market sector and achieve a high level of satisfaction.


REMAT INGENIERIA provides electrical, industrial and naval equipment and parts for the general industry.


REMAT INGENIERIA aims to position itself nationally and internationally as one of the leading companies dedicated to the supply of equipment, spare parts and materials, as well as the development of projects according to customers’ requirements and in compliance with international quality standards and requirements established by the Republic of Colombia, in competitive prices, and with the support of high technology tools contributing to the welfare of its customers and shareholders.


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Jorge Ulloque
+57 5 344 3811
General Manager
+57 5 351 7244
Cra 54 No. 64-245, Barranquilla, Colombia

Contact info #2

Julieth Rosales
+57 5 344 3811
International Dept.
+57 5 351 7244
Cra 54 No. 64-245, Barranquilla, Colombia

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Carlos Julio Gutierrez
+57 5 344 3811
Mechanical Engineer
+57 5 351 7244
Cra 54 No. 64-245, Barranquilla, Colombia


REMAT INGENIERIA’s services team is formed by a group of professionals from different engineering departments dedicated to the analysis and evaluation of projects, and the calculation of budgets. REMAT INGENIERIA is representing renowned companies internationally and works together with highly qualified engineers and technicians that authorise it to carry out assembly and repair services on equipment for the electrical and industrial sectors.

LED Lighting Solutions

REMAT INGENIERIA supplies the Colombian market with LED lighting solutions with lower maintenance costs, longer lifespan, higher performance and no colour variations.

LED lights are more environmentally friendly in relation to normal light bulbs as they don’t contain toxic chemicals, namely tungsten and fluorescent.


• Lower power consumption,
• High luminous efficiency,
• Longer life expectancy: Up to 50,000 hours,
• Environmentally friendly,
• Dimmable lights,
• Easy replacement.


Industrial/Commercial sectors: Warehouses, factories, cold rooms, food processing rooms, gas stations and structures, among others.

Infrastructure sector: Roads, tunnels, railways, airports, parking lots, traffic intersections.

Industrial and high-risk sites: oil wells, mining, textile, paper sector, petrochemical plants, power plants, wastewater treatment plants, grain processing plants, pharmaceutical and maritime applications.

Construction sector: Communication towers, transmission towers, wind generators, large structures, buildings, chimneys.

Electrical Supplies

Electrical Supplies:

• Insulators: polymeric, glass and porcelain insulators,
• Crossheads made of wood and other materials,
• Fittings,
• Circuit breakers, arresters, grounding systems,
• Electrical, power, control, communications, marine and fibre optics cables,
• LED lighting.

Power Generation Equipment:

• Power transformers and accessories,
• Gas and diesel turbines,
• Medium and high voltage switchgear,
• Capacitors, variable speed drives,
• Electrical substations.


• Valves: Gate valves, butterfly valves, solenoid valves, among others.

Control Equipment and Tools:

• Mechanical, hydraulic and electric tools,
• Energy analysers,
• Measurement equipment.


• Engines: AC/DC engines, diesel & gas engines,
• Pumps.


Cables for Energy Networks:

• Low voltage cables for underground installation,
• Low voltage cables for aerial installation,
• Medium voltage cables for underground installation,
• Cables for aircraft.

Telecommunications Cables:

• External telephone cables,
• Optical fibres,
• LAN cables,
• Telephone cables,
• CATV cables.

Industrial Cables:

• Industrial cables & wires,
• Control cables,
• Mining cables.

Special Cables:

• Cold weather cables,
• High temperatures cables,
• Safety cables,
• Submarine cables.


• Low voltage arresters,
• Polymeric station class arresters, IEC class 2, for the transmission line (TLA),
• Zinc oxide polymer arresters,
• Varistors,
• Porcelain arresters,
• Surge arresters,
• Surge arresters.

Electrical Cables

REMAT INGENIERIA provides electrical low, medium and high voltage cables to the largest electric utility companies in Colombia.

Low Voltage Cables:

Low voltage copper and aluminium cables for the transportation and electricity distribution sectors:

• Cables for residential applications,
• Cables for industrial applications,
• Cables for power distribution networks.

Medium Voltage Power Cables:

• Cables for the transportation and electricity distribution sectors,
• Cables for MT networks,
• Cable fasteners.

High Voltage Cables:

• Insulated cables for 60 kV lines.

Bare Cables for Aircraft:

• Phase conductors,
• Ground cables.

REMAT INGENIERIA provides the telecommunications industry with a wide range of cables and network solutions for copper and fibre optic networks, namely:

Copper Cables:

• Cables for local networks,
• Cables for regional networks,
• MIC cables,
• Cables for structured networks.

Fibre Optic Cables:

• Cables for communications networks: networks of large, metropolitan and regional areas,
• Cables for specific applications: SCADA, video surveillance systems, etc.,
• Cables for communications networks (overhead lines).

Cables for Custom Applications

Remat Ingenieria

  • Cra 54 No. 64 245, Barranquilla, Colombia
  • +57 5 344 3811
  • +57 5 351 7244
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