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  • C4I, Communication Systems
  • Electrical, Electronics & Electro-optics
  • Radar, Sonar, Navigation, Targeting, Surveillance
  • Services (R&D, training, engineering, consultancy, …)

BHE is a 100% Hungarian-owned company founded in 1991 to develop and manufacture high performance, competitively priced RF and Microwave systems and solutions. Currently the company supplies such solution to various players and institutions mainly in the Defence, the Aerospace and Mobile Industry. These products are widely used in extreme conditions or places where reliability is a top matter could it be the International Space Station, major sports stadium or international airports.

Due to the continuous demand for innovation, research and development, more than 50% of BHE’s employees are highly skilled top engineers and microwave experts, who gained their experience in the industrial, military and space research groups at other companies, university or academic research sites: Many of who spent years in the USA, Germany and Japan as development engineers.

Today BHE is present in close to 30 countries worldwide, and its export is growing rapidly. Among the main references there are the mobile service providers, Indian and Western European aerospace and defence industry companies. By its technology BHE offers complex civil safety solutions too, which ranges from the unmanned vehicles system to many areas of modern telecommunications.

BHE Bonn Hungary Electronics Ltd. - Pictures

Signal Sources

This product category includes synthesizers and phase locked oscillators.

Synthetisers produced by the company include:

  • BSFX12 - Low Phase Noise Phase Locked 6 Channels Oscillator
  • BSLS13 - Multiple Frequencies and Clock Source
  • BSPB17 - X-band PC Controlled Synthesizer
  • SVB13 - LCD Display 0.3–3GHz Wide Band Synthesizer
  • BSVB14 - 1000–2150MHz LCD Display Synthesizer
  • BSVB21 - 2–8GHz LCD Display Synthesizer
  • BSVB23 - Wide Band PLO Display
  • BSVB25 - 2400–3000MHz LCD Display Synthesizer
  • BSVC14 - C-band Frequency Synthesizer
  • BSVC14D - Fine Step C-band LCD Display Synthesizer

Phase Locked Oscillators
Phase locked oscillators produced by the company include:

  • BOVI12 - Low Noise PLO with Int .Ref.
  • BOVI16 - Low Noise PLO with Int.Ref.
  • BOVI23 - S-band Phase Locked Oscillator
  • BOVI24 - X-band Phase Locked Oscillator
  • BOVI26 - Low Noise PLO with Int. Ref.
  • BOVI29 - Low Noise PLO with Int.Ref.
  • BOVI30 - 189.5MHz Phase Locked Oscillator
  • BOVX20 - Low Noise PLO with Ext.Ref.
  • BOVX21 - Very Low Noise PLO with Ext.Ref.
  • BOVX22 - Very Low Noise PLO with Ext.Ref.

Frequency Converters

This product category includes Upconverters, Downconverters and Test loop translators.

Upconverters produced by the company include:

  • BMCU12 - X-band Upconverter
  • BMCU13 - Ku-band Upconverter
  • BMCU15 - 5W K-band Upconverter
  • BMCU17 - 70MHz to S-band Upconverter
  • BMCU20 - 70MHz to S-band Upconverter

Downconverters produced by the company include:

  • BMCD17
  • BMCD27 - Ku-band Low Noise Block Downconverter
  • BMCD29 - 2 Channels S-band Tracking Downconverter
  • BMCD31 - 3 Channels Ku-band Tracking Downconverter
  • BMCD32 - 2 Channel X-band to 720MHz Down Converter

Test Loop Translators
Test loop translators produced by the company include:

  • BMCD28 - C-band Test Loop Translator
  • BMCD36 - C-band Test Loop Translator


This product category includes FM / VHF / DAB, TETRA, GSM / DCS / UMTS / LTE and Optical fiber linked repeaters.

FM / VHF / DAB Repeaters
FM / VHF / DAB repeaters produced by the company include:

  • Accessories for FM-DAB-VHF solutions
  • BRRD14 - Channel Selective DAB Repeater Module
  • BRRD15 - DAB Amplifier Module
  • BRRD18 - Band Selective DAB Amplifier Module
  • BRRF14 - Channel Selective FM Repeater

TETRA Repeaters
TETRA repeaters produced by the company include:

  • BRTD11 - 400MHz TETRA Dual Band Selective Repeater
  • BRTL31 - 400MHz TETRA Digital Large Repeater
  • BRTL32 - 400MHz TETRA Macro Repeater
  • BRTL33 - 400MHz TETRA Digital Large Repeater
  • BRTM13 - 400MHz TETRA Band Selective Repeater

GSM / DCS / UMTS / LTE Repeaters
GSM / DCS / UMTS / LTE repeaters produced by the company include:

  • BRDM10 - GSM-DCS Dual Band Band- Selective Mini Repeater
  • BRDS21 - GSM-DCS Dual Band Band-Selective High Power Pico Repeater
  • BRDS22 - GSM-UMTS Dual Band Band-Selective High Power Pico Repeater
  • BRDS22 - GSM-UMTS Dual Band Band-Selective High Power Pico Repeater
  • BRLS21 - LTE Band Selective High Power Pico Repeater

Optical Fiber Linked Repeaters
Optical fiber linked Repeaters produced by the company include:

  • BRGF10 - 900MHz 20W GSM Optical Repeater
  • BRGF12 - GSM 4W Optical Repeater
  • BRMF20 - TETRA Optical Master Repeater
  • BRMF22 - TETRA Optical Master Repeater
  • BRMF30 - TETRA Optical Master Repeater

RF Subsystems

This product category includes low noise amplifiers, power amplifiers, transmitters / receivers / transceivers, test equipments, modulators and other subsystems.

Low Noise Amplifiers
Low noise amplifiers produced by the company include:

  • BAFS11 - S-band Circular Polarisation LNA & Feed
  • BAFX11 - X-band Linear Polarisation LNA & Feed
  • BLCW16 - Low Noise Amplifier
  • BLKC10 - Wideband Amplifier
  • BLKW10 - K-band Low Noise Amplifier

Power Amplifiers
Power amplifiers produced by the company include:

  • BPAD19 - 1.8–2.2GHz 100W Amplifier
  • BPAX17 - 9.35 – 9.75GHz 30W Amplifier
  • BPBC10 - 5.2–5.4GHz 50W Amplifier
  • BPBG19 - 900MHz GSM 100W Amplifier
  • BPBS11 - S-band Outdoor 1:1 Redundant Solid State Power Amplifier

Transmitters / Receivers / Transceivers
Transmitters / receivers / transceivers produced by the company include:

  • BUAC12 - Digital Radio Altimeter
  • BUAC13 - Digital Radio Altimeter
  • BURS11 - 2200–2400MHz Satellite Video Receiver
  • BURV10 - 4 Channels VHF Receiver
  • BUTL10 - 1090MHz/600W IFF Transmitter

Test Equipments
Test equipments produced by the company include:

  • BUAW10 - Attenuator Matrix
  • BUAW11 - Attenuator Matrix
  • BUAW12 - 6x6 Attenuator Matrix
  • BUTG10 - 800-1000MHz RF Source with Built-in PLL
  • BUTS10 - 3.7GHz RF Source with Built-in PLL

Modulators produced by the company include:

  • BUMT10 - S-band Satellite Transmitter
  • BUMT12 - UHF FM Transmitter
  • BUMT15 - C-band Satellite Transmitter
  • BUMT16 - S-band Satellite Transmitter
  • BUMT20 - S-band FM Video/Data Transmitter

Other Subsystems
Other subsystems produced by the company include:

  • Accessories for FM-DAB-VHF solutions
  • BUST10 - TETRA Redundant Switch
  • BUXM10 - Active Cable Monitor Module
  • BUXM11 - Active Cable Monitor Module

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System

BHE’s BXAP15 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System (UAV) is a Reconnaissance system, that can follow a preprogrammed route while sending real time video signal and position information back to the ground control station.

The system can be effectively used by companies to patrol their distant premises or any type of network could it be electric wires, oil pipe-lines or towers. Due to the compact size (length: 1,7 m / wing span: 3,7 m) and intelligent software different government organizations and emergency services can also take advantage of this new innovation.

Main application areas:

  • Security and maintenance control for companies
  • Combat reconnaissance
  • Natural disaster monitoring such as earthquakes, flood and forest fire
  • Precision agriculture
  • Wild life monitoring
  • Border control
  • Geodesy

The airplane is made using the latest fiber composite technology and equipped with reliable onboard electronics. Several features such as flexible route planning, adaptive communications and control mechanism are built in the system. And it has been designed to allow easy installation and operation keeping the operational cost down.


  • Composite construction
  • Easily transportable
  • Ease of assembly and operation
  • Recovery without special equipment
  • Encrypted radio communication
  • Realtime video stream downlink
  • Robust communication at C band
  • Onboard flight data logging
  • Catapult launch
  • Optionally retractable payload
  • Optional emergency parachute landing


This product category includes splitters / combiners / hybrids, couplers, terminations / attenuators and diplexers / triplexers / filters.

Splitters /Combiners / Hybrids
Splitters / combiners / hybrids produced by the company include:

  • BDEB10 - 3dB Broadband 800-2500MHz Splitter/Combiner
  • BDEB15 - 10dB Wideband 800-2200MHz Coupler
  • BDEB16 - 6dB Wideband 800-2200MHz Coupler
  • BDEB17 - 3dB Broadband 800-2200MHz Splitter
  • BDEB21 - 3dB Broadband 780-2500MHz Outdoor Splitter

Couplers produced by the company include:

  • BDEB27 - 6dB Broadband 780-2500MHz Directional Coupler
  • BDEB28 - 10dB Broadband 780-2500MHz Coupler
  • BDEB32 - 20dB Broadband 780-2500MHz Coupler
  • BDEB45 - 6dB Broadband 780-2700MHz Directional Coupler
  • BDEB46 - 10dB Broadband 780-2700MHz Directional Coupler

Terminations / Attenuators
Terminations / attenuators produced by the company include:

  • BATD11 - Digital Attenuator
  • BATT16 - DC-2200MHz/50W Broadband Attenuator
  • BATT1x - DC-2700MHz/50W Broadband Attenuator
  • BTLI10 - 780-2700MHz/50W Low Intermodulation Termination
  • BTLW10 - DC-2500MHz/50W Broadband Termination

Diplexers / Triplexers / Filters
Diplexers / triplexers / filters produced by the company include:

  • BFDP19 - GSM/DCS & UMTS Band Power Diplexer
  • BFDP1x - GSM / DCS & UMTS Band Diplexer
  • BFDP20 - DCS/UMTS Band High Power Diplexer
  • BFDP25 - High Power Diplexer
  • BFDP26 - GSM/DCS & UMTS Band Power Diplexer


Defence solutions are in special focus in BHE’s developments, the company holds AQAP Certificate and is also NATO Certified Supplier. The portfolio in this area contains – among others - altimeter, high reliability professional oscillators, synthesizers, converters, telemetry transceivers, radar equipment and EW related subsystems.

Critical Communication

Critical communications is one of the fastest growing segments within BHE. Having implemented various quality management systems the company fully meets the different requirements of increased reliability against such systems. In the offering Customers can find all the most popular bands used by such organizations like VHF, TETRA, etc. Thanks to its modular design it can be easily combined with broadcasting systems like FM/DAB where much needed features like Voice-Break-In is solved too.

Using the most popular DAS architecture these can also be combined with mobile systems like GSM/DCS/UTMS/LTE to offer a full communication solution. Supplied in a modern rack tower it can be used in tunnels as well as in major buildings like airports or shopping malls.

Mobile Wireless

The company has been developing and manufacturing repeaters and passive components for GSM, DCS, UMTS (W-CDMA), LTE and FM, VHF, DAB and TETRA for mobile service providers. These units support single, multiple bands and DAS architecture too.

Over 10,000 BHE repeaters (band, channel selective, normal or frequency shift and optical ones)  as well as several 10,000 high quality passive circuits (splitters, couplers, diplexers and duplexers) are in operation and working successfully at leading operators at different countries.


BHE Bonn Hungary Ltd. has been developing and manufacturing advanced RF & microwave subsystems, payloads and instruments for the aerospace & space industry from VHF to Ka-band applications for more than twenty years. It includes solution for Spaceborne, Airborne and Ground segment applications too.

UAS and Airborne

BHE offers a complete UAS, which can follow a pre-programmed route while sending real time video signal and position information back to the ground control station.

General RF and Microwave

Several general purpose industry RF and Microwave products and subsystems are available from BHE, including different passive components, power amplifiers, and synthesizers as well as test equipments.

BHE Bonn Hungary Electronics Ltd.

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