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NV Specialty Coatings (N.V.S.C. s.r.l.), was founded at the beginning of 2006 with the aim of commercializing specialty coatings for military use. NVSC is an independent joint venture company registered in Italy and owned by two paint-manufacturing companies: the 1st is American - NCP Coatings Inc., and the 2nd is Italian – Ve.Co. S.r.l. Both partners are manufacturers of Military paints and QPL certified on many military specifications suitable for Land, Navy and Aerospace. Because of the type of technology that they are certified to manufacture and provide (US MIL SPEC CARC Technology), N.V.S.C. S.r.l. is recognized by the US Government as the European branch Division of NCP Coatings In, the company’s American partner that owns the majority of the stock.

N.V.S.C. S.r.l. has signed a License Agreement to manufacture in Europe, at Ve.Co plant, CARC coatings under NCP Coatings formulas that are QPL certified in the USA. N.V.S.C. S.r.l. is also the sales and technical organization responsible for sales and support of all the products which are QPL certified by the Italian Army, Navy and Air Force and QPL from Spanish Army, Israeli Army, and many other major European OEM, like Otomelara, Selex, Galileo Avionica, Marconi Communications, OTOIberica, GD-SBS, MBDA, ELVO, Rafael, Plasan Sasa, Elbit, etc.

One of the company’s main missions is to support U.S. Forces in Europe and Middle East with CARC Systems and Navy paints that they may need; their main target is to become partner with any customer looking for a flexible supplier, capable of providing high standard military paints, of fast reaction in problem solving and of developing projects with up to date paint technology. The US Government is very strict when it comes to military technology, so the company spent a lot of time and resources in order to obtain all the necessary authorizations from the US Department of State to manufacture out of the USA coatings used on the US Army and Marines tactical and combat equipment and on Navy vessels, and recently the company has been QPL certified by the US Department of the ARMY.

The range of capabilities is quite wide as the company can provide up to date technology in painting vehicles, equipment, containers, vessels, aircraft & helicopters, as well as radar system and subsystem etc.

 NV Specialty Coatings manufactures CARC and many other paint systems in the standard US Camouflage colours or custom made colours referring to different colours charts (FED STD 595, RAL Colours, British Standard, GAM-C and many more). Their technology is both traditional (solvent based) and water borne. The company can supply pre-treatment compounds (DOD-P-15328D – Wash Primer) or Green Coat AL2002D, which is a specially developed Chromate-Free Chemical conversion coating for aluminium.


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NV Specialty Coatings (N.V.S.C. s.r.l.)

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