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KGL Holding, is a highly focused group of companies, with regional interests in Transportation, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management (SCM). The company commands a network of specialized business units that promote efficient and effective B2B and B2G Logistics related services to its customers in the Middle East. KGL Holding capitalizes on its portfolio of strong operating companies to become the leading SCM provider in the Middle East and emerging markets. KGL Holding’s expansion is based on a carefully planned corporate strategy that relies on its core competencies and sustainable growth plans.

The company's core business is Supply Chain Management (SCM). As experts in the movement of goods and materials, it delivers integrated Transportation, Logistics, Port Management, Shipping and River Transport on a regional basis. Its distribution networks and logistics services are the most efficient in the Middle East. Its SCM services are complemented by a range of Passenger Travel Management, Real Estate and other Support Services. The company operates through a network of highly integrated subsidiaries and affiliates to offer comprehensive services to its customers in the Middle East, Africa and beyond.

Bridging Distances

KGL Holding is the premier provider of integrated Supply Chain Management services in the Middle East. The company fulfills the Transportation, Logistics, Port Management, Shipping and Freight Forwarding needs of countless regional and international clients. Whatever your logistics challenges, KGL Holding will bridge the distance and make your world a smaller place.

KGL Holding - Kuwait and Gulf Link Holding Co. K.S.C. (closed) - PicturesKGL Holding - Kuwait and Gulf Link Holding Co. K.S.C. (closed) - Pictures 2

Contact info #1

Ali E. Dashti, Ph.D.
+965 2 224 5160
+965 2 224 5161
Shuwaikh, Industrial Area 3rd, Block A, Building No. 14, Kuwait

Coalition Support

Kuwait and the United States have enjoyed excellent Trade relations for the last two decades. This relationship has been tested over the years, and recent, regional developments have only strengthened that relationship. KGL has been proud to support the US and Coalition Forces, a partnership that dates back to 1994.

The liberation of Kuwait from the Iraqi Forces in 1991 opened a new door for opportunities to Kuwaiti companies wanting to venture into contracts with the Coalition Forces. One of the first companies to provide transportation, logistics support and other services to the Coalition Forces, was the Kuwait & Gulf Link Transport Company (KGL). KGL supplied heavy equipment, transportation and other support services to the US Army, stationed at what was Camp Doha at the time. KGL was the first commercial entity to enter Iraq to supply equipment and haulage to the US/Coalition Forces and to distribute food under the UN World Food Program and other UN aid to Iraq.

Over the years, KGL has expanded its services by supplying large numbers of vehicles, heavy equipment and transportation of troops, personnel and material to the US/Coalition Forces throughout the Middle East Theater, thereby solidifying its partnership while fulfilling critical mission requirements.

In 2003, Kuwait provided the primary logistics platform for Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) led by the US Armed Forces into Iraq. KGL was the first company to provide transportation and logistics services to the US Armed Forces during the US push into Iraq. Vehicles and heavy equipment provided throughout 2003 exceeded 30,000 units, which included the use of over 15,000 flatbed truck mission days, over 5,500 low bed truck mission days and over 10,000 passenger bus mission days. KGL continues to provide these services and more, and will continue to support this effort while support requirements exist.

Throughout the years, KGL has been awarded various citations and commendations by the US and Coalition Forces for its role in providing logistics support in the line of fire. KGL continues to fulfill US Government requirements and is proud to support its missions as a strategic partner on the battlefield.

Supply Chain Management

KGL Transportation 
KGL Transportation Company (KGL TC), a subsidiary of KGL Holding, was established in 2005, inheriting over 40 years of its experience and background from Kuwait and Gulf Link Transport Company (KGL). Since its inception, KGL TC has been the land transportation component of the Supply Chain Management model at KGL Holding.

KGL Logistics
KGL Stevedoring possesses a strong industry background with more than 40 years of experience. The company is considered a subsidiary of KGL Logistics and has established through the years a strategic business relationship with port authorities, shipping lines, agents and all the prime movers in the stevedoring operation.

KGL International for Ports, Warehousing and Transport (KGL IP), a sister company of KGL Holding, was established in 2004, inheriting over 40 years of experience from Kuwait and Gulf Link Transport Company (KGL). The company is headquartered in Kuwait, and has running operations within the UAE and Egypt.

KGL Shipping
KGL Shipping, a subsidiary of KGL Holding, was established in 2008. The company is set to complement the Supply Chain Management effort by further developing KGL Holding as a name to be recognized in combined transportation solutions. Being headquartered in Kuwait, KGL Shipping is fully operational within Ras Al Khaimah, UAE, through its subsidiary, RAK Shipping.

KGL Passenger Transport Services

Passenger and Travel

KGL Passenger Transport Services (KGL PTS), a subsidiary of KGL Holding, was established in 2005. Being the centerpiece of KGL Holding’s Passenger Transport Management sector, the company has matured into one of the leading multi-model passenger travel solution companies within Kuwait, offering various means of transportation to suit the customers’ requirements, both publicly and commercially. KGL PTS is headquartered in Kuwait, with operations within Sharjah and Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

KGL PTS’ core business includes the transport of passengers through buses (covering local and international lines), as well as the private taxi and limousine operations. Being a customer-centric company, KGL PTS is committed to offering safe, reliable, and cost-effective travel experiences for its customers through its diversified fleet.

KGL PTS provides its services in Kuwait as well as within Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, UAE. In Sharjah, KGL PTS was awarded the Government Public Transportation contract, surpassing 27 other world renowned bidders, through its extensive experience in the region, understanding local requirements and providing high quality and diversified lines of services.

KGL Passenger Transport Services K.S.C.C.
P.O. Box 4883 Safat, 13049 Kuwait
Tel: +965 2 496 1500

Fax:+965 2 492 8309

KGL Car Rental
KGL Car Rental (KGL CR), a subsidiary of KGL Holding, was established in 2002. KGL CR has managed sustained growth since its inception. The company which also prides itself as the representative of National Car Rental is located within Kuwait, having branches throughout the country including the Kuwait International Airport and various reputable hotels.

Support Services

Axis Solutions K.S.C.C.

Axis Solutions (AXIS), an affiliate of KGL Holding, was established in 2004. Initially launched as the IT Solutions arm for KGL Holding and its group of companies, AXIS has expanded and diversified its client base and is now a specialized integrated IT Solutions provider in Kuwait.

AXIS provides IT Solutions to three main industries: Supply Chain Management, Real Estate, and Banking. AXIS’ dedicated, skilled, and power driven teams, whose core cultural values are based on respect, integrity and achievement, provide the operational competencies that have enabled AXIS to retain customers as well as expand their client base.

AXIS provides entities with specialized IT solutions including Enterprise Software Solutions (ESS), Enterprise Network Solutions (ENS), Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS), Location Based and Transportation Solutions, Financial and Payment Solutions (FPS), Managed Services Solutions, and a Project Management Office (specialized in the full management of IT projects). These solutions are tailor-made for each client and are geared toward improving the clients business efficiency with the highest standards at the lowest cost.

Axis Solutions K.S.C.C.
P.O. Box 64418 Shuwaikh B, 70455 Kuwait
Tel: +965 1820 800/2224 5151
Fax:+965 2224 5150

Kuwait United Development K.S.C.C.

Kuwait United Development (KUD), an affiliate of KGL Holding, was established in 2004. First initiated as the engineering arm for KGL Holding and its group of companies, KUD has expanded into becoming one of the leading construction management firms in Kuwait that is skilled in providing total project management solutions. The company is headquartered in Kuwait, with operations in the Arab Republic of Egypt, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

KUD’s service offering are segregated into two sectors: the Project Management Services, and the Individual Services. KUD’s management approach is tailored to project needs with integrated, comprehensive, and state-of-the-art project control tools to manage the critical issues of time, cost, scope, quality and safety. KUD’s broad experience has gained altitude through diversified industries and clients including residential, educational, leisure, and ports (including renovation).

In terms of Project Management, KUD's team of specialized engineers provides specified project strategies, as well as pre-design, design, tender, construction, and facilities management services.

The Individual Services arm of the business at KUD offers planning and scheduling, value engineering, claim management, cost engineering, contract administration, and training services to its clients.

Kuwait United Development K.S.C.C.
P.O. Box 1373 Dasman, 15464 Kuwait
Tel: +965 2254 9661
Fax:+965 2254 9667

KGL Real Estate K.S.C.C.

KGL Real Estate Company (KGL RE), a subsidiary of KGL Holding, was established in 2007. Following its inception, KGL RE has become a prime mover in planning and implementing all Real Estate activities in support of the Supply Chain Management (SCM) paradigm at KGL Holding. The company is headquartered in Kuwait, with operations covering the GCC and Egypt.

KGL RE’s core business encompasses the investment, development, management of real estate projects and infrastructure, with a special emphasis on SCM related projects.

KGL RE specializes in developing assets including labor accommodation, warehouses, bus terminals, parking lots for trucks and other equipment, offices, as well as an entire spectrum of logistic parks and investing in ports under development. In addition, KGL RE has recently broadened its regional exposure by investing in a newly developed Kuwaiti company, Zoud Real Estate, a “Shariaa” compliant company that will be taking over the majority of KGL RE’s activities within the region.

KGL Real Estate K.S.C.C.
P.O. Box: 24565 Safat, 13106 Kuwait
Tel: +965 1888 700 
Fax:+965 2484 5926

International Motors Company K.S.C.C.

International Motors Company (IMC), a subsidiary of KGL Holding, was established in 1994. IMC distinguishes itself as the commercial trading services arm of KGL Holding and its group of subsidiaries and affiliates.

IMC’s core business includes offering of commercial and industrial procurement to both the KGL Holding group as well as the external market, covering the entire spectrum of procurement activities.

IMC represents and markets international brands and products within the local market, continuously meeting the growing demands. Among these brands are world renowned DAF and Brevini products, as well as others, ranging from heavy equipment items, to smaller scale items. IMC looks to further diversify its product line by establishing key agreements with reputable product manufacturers, ensuring the continuous satisfaction of its client base.

International Motors Company K.S.C.C.
P.O. Box 4160 Safat, 13042 Kuwait
Tel: +965 2 224 5153
Fax:+965 2 224 5154

KGL Holding - Kuwait and Gulf Link Holding Co. K.S.C. (closed)

  • Shuwaikh, Industrial Area 3rd, Block A, Building No. 14 , Kuwait, Kuwait
  • +965 1 888 700
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