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Al-Madina For Finance & Investment Company KSCC (“Al-Madina”), was established in January 2005 and registered as an investment company with the Central Bank of Kuwait on 27 April 2005 with an initial paid-up capital of KD 15 million. The forerunner company which was renamed Al-Madina was Al-Asriya Holding Company For Finance & Lease KSCC which was established in 1980 but as there were effectively no continuing activities, therefore, Al-Madina may be best viewed as having essentially been created at the beginning of 2005. The activities of Al-Madina and its group companies are carried out in accordance with Islamic Sharia principles.

Al-Madina’s current activities encompass the areas of direct investments, fund management, portfolio management, real estate development and financial services with primary focus in the Middle East and North African region.

Al-Madina is a young company in its present form, but has made significant progress in growing both revenues and assets since its establishment and has developed itself as one of the leading investment companies in Kuwait.

Al-Madina is listed on both the Kuwait Stock Exchange (24 April 2006) and the Dubai Financial Market (11 September 2007)

The paid-up capital of Al-Madina as of 30 June 2008 stood at KD 20,208,375 million with total equity of KD 41.9 million and total assets of KD 207.6 million.

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Mostafa M. Agamy
+965 2 296 0777
Internal Audit Manager
+965 2 247 6857
Mirgab, Al-Sour Street, Jasem Al-Asfor Tower, Kuwait

Al-Madina For Finance & Investment Company KSCC

  • Mirgab, Al Sour Street, Jasem Al Asfor Tower, Kuwait, Kuwait
  • +965 2 296 0777
  • +965 - 22960762
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