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VALENTINA AUXILIAR CARROCERA S.A., is a Colombian company dedicated specifically to providing complete design and development of freight/transportation vehicle bodies.

More specifically, VALENTINA AUXILIAR CARROCERA S.A. manufactures dry cargo and refrigerated vans, stake and dump trucks, truck platforms and curtain doors, fixture systems, as well as specialized custom designs. The organization has 26 years of continuous learning in the implementation and enforcement of transport technologies in Colombia and continues to maintain valuable relationships with its stakeholders by creating links of communication, trust, confidentiality and respect.


VALENTINA AUXILIAR CARROCERA S.A. is an organization committed to excellence, aiming to meet customers’ expectations. The organization is in line with the dreams of its employees, providing them with a stable job within the ethical principles of social responsibility, excellence, quality and good service.


VALENTINA AUXILIAR CARROCERA S.A.’s goal is to become a leading company in the freight transportation sector with a share of 25% in the automotive market. The organization seeks to stand out for its social commitment, humane focus and contribution to the technological development by constantly evolving, improving, and building reliable and durable relationships with its customers, employees and suppliers.

Social Responsibility

VALENTINA AUXILIAR CARROCERA S.A. has its own foundation (Desayunitos), helping vulnerable school children who lack a basic meal plan and are exposed to risk factors, such as child abuse and parental neglect.


  • Responsibility: The organization is committed to continuous improvement and is aware of its social and economic function.
  • Respect: The organization respects and recognizes the legitimacy of its stakeholders.
  • Quality: The organization is committed to excellence, by providing high quality products to its customers.
  • Transparency: The organization is operating with transparency, respecting its organizational values.
  • Protection: The organization respects its collaborators, protecting the environment.


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Contact info #1

Rafael Bonilla Giraldo
+57 1 544 7000
General Manager
+57 1 544 7000 ext: 117
Carrera 69P # 75-31, Barrio Las Ferias, Bogota, Colombia

Graphic/Industrial Design Services

VALENTINA AUXILIAR CARROCERA S.A. offers graphic or industrial design services, namely design of graphic, printed and digital pieces, lit graphic design and stand and structural design. VALENTINA AUXILIAR CARROCERA S.A. generates and executes concepts according to customers’ needs.

Laser Cutting Services

VALENTINA AUXILIAR CARROCERA S.A. laser prints its clients’ ideas using various materials, such as acrylics, wood, leather and textiles.

Promotional Items

VALENTINA AUXILIAR CARROCERA S.A. can also provide promotional items in order to meet its clients’ advertising needs, such as T-shirts, mugs, plates and mousepads.

Electrostatic - Liquid Painting Services

VALENTINA AUXILIAR CARROCERA S.A. offers electrostatic and liquid painting services for all types of components and parts for automotive applications. Powder coating provides an excellent finish and durability to the treated metal parts and is also environmentally friendly.

Cutting & Cold Bending Services

VALENTINA AUXILIAR CARROCERA S.A. can also offer cutting and cold bending services, as well as lathing, rolling and punching services. The Company uses hydraulic shears to cut metal from 4.5 mm to 3 m. long and hydraulic presses for metals from 6 mm to 3 m. long.

Metal Working/Carpentry Services

VALENTINA AUXILIAR CARROCERA S.A. offers solutions and alternatives in the design and manufacture of metal and wood parts and structures.


VALENTINA AUXILIAR CARROCERA S.A. produces dry cargo and refrigerated vans, the first ones used for logistics operations, packages, parcels, drugs, pharmaceuticals or dangerous substances transportation and the second ones used for food transportation. Refrigerated vans meet the international health standards of USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) for food transportation, as well as the recommendations for refrigeration of ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers) and ICONTEC (Colombian Institute for Technical Standards and Certification). These vans are equipped with cooling Thermo King Equipment and have logistic rails, doors and nylon straps.

Stake Trucks

VALENTINA AUXILIAR CARROCERA S.A. produces stake trucks of two types, fixed and for livestock. They are made of wood or sheet boards and have a strong and durable structure with metal studs. There are over 100 accessories and modifications available for transportation containers.
Cattle trucks characteristics:

  • Wood stakes (Colombian mahogany),
  • Sliding doors,
  • Ramps for horses,
  • Suitable for the transportation of pigs, show horses and medium sized species.

Dump Trucks/Hydraulic Applications

VALENTINA AUXILIAR CARROCERA S.A. manufactures dump trucks with the multipurpose of transporting garbage, debris and soil, as well as hydraulic applications, such as hydraulic equipment adaptable to any type tip-truck, single and double axle truck (telescopic cylinders, mechanical distributors, compressors, electric pumps, PTOs, etc.). All these systems are imported by the French company Afhymat.

Platforms & Curtain Doors

VALENTINA AUXILIAR CARROCERA S.A. manufactures platforms and curtain doors. Both products are imported from the United States by Maxon platforms. These platforms provide security in the process of loading, eliminating working accidents and making transportation much more efficient. There over 92 truck models available, with a load range of 2100 lbs. to 6600 lbs. Curtain doors are imported by Todco and are available in plywood or fiberglass aluminium for cargo handling safety.
VALENTINA AUXILIAR CARROCERA S.A.’s platforms and curtain doors provide:

  • Efficiency and safety in the process of loading/unloading,
  • More efficient deliveries,
  • Warranty and direct service from the manufacturer,
  • Elimination of occupational hazards,
  • Safer cargo handling.

Fixture Systems

VALENTINA AUXILIAR CARROCERA S.A. manufactures leading systems of fixture and load control that can be installed on new or used trucks and are imported from the United States. The Company provides warranty and direct service from the manufacturer, eliminating occupational accidents and providing a safer cargo handling.
More specifically, VALENTINA AUXILIAR CARROCERA S.A. manufactures:

  • Lashing straps,
  • Horizontal and vertical logistic rails,
  • Stowage bars,
  • Retention meshes.

Special Designs

VALENTINA AUXILIAR CARROCERA S.A. has also made several highly specialized custom designs, such as advertising equipment, mobile offices and units, ambulances, mobile medical and dental offices, equipment for the transport of energy generators, film and TV recording equipment, etc.


Within VALENTINA AUXILIAR CARROCERA S.A.’s institutional values is the understanding that its responsibility goes further than being an efficient economic factor. Its policy is to maintain the social and environmental balance and for that reason it focuses on the optimization of industrial waste, achieving 91% recyclability and thus fulfilling the organization's environmental commitments.


VALENTINA AUXILIAR CARROCERA S.A. employs skilled engineers that work in a 5300 m² plant with a production capacity of up to 340 units per month. VALENTINA AUXILIAR CARROCERA S.A. is equipped with specialized high-tech and modern machinery, such as bending and metal plasma cutting machinery, electrostatic paint booths and ovens, as well as lathing, cutting and welding equipment, always supporting the quality of the production process.


VALENTINA AUXILIAR CARROCERA S.A. benefits from the many advantages that come from having a highly skilled and qualified workforce in terms of product development and innovative solutions.




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Carrocerias Valentina S.A.

  • Carrera 69P # 75 31, Barrio Las Ferias, Bogota, Colombia
  • +57 1 5169393
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