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AEROCLUB DE COLOMBIA, was founded in June 1947 by a group of pilots with the purpose of promoting sportsmanship and camaraderie among the fans of this growing activity, and collaborating for the development of the Colombian general aviation. This group of enthusiasts had the support of the Colombian Air Force who helped them overcome difficulties during their early years of existence.

AEROCLUB DE COLOMBIA is an aeronautical training center approved by the Civil Aeronautics Administration. The Academy is recognized among the top aviation academies in the nation and offers flight training services from the flight enthusiast to the career pilot. More specifically, the Academy offers pilot training programs in commercial and private aircrafts, in addition to comprehensive maintenance and sport aviation services.

The Academy has the most diverse fleet of training aircrafts in which students have the opportunity to be instructed, thus offering the most complete private and commercial pilot programs, that operate under the standards specified by the Colombian Civil Aviation Authority.


AEROCLUB DE COLOMBIA has the ability to provide aviation training courses under the highest quality standards, adjust to market changes, offer long term added-value solutions to its clients and effectively contribute to the development and safety of global aviation.


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Contact info #1

Juliana Rey
+57 1 676 1498
Assistant Manager
+57 1 676 5812
Autopista Norte Km. 16 - Aeropuerto Guaymaral, Bogota D.C., Colombia

Contact info #2

Martha C. Martin
+57 1 676 1498
General Manager
+57 1 676 5812
Autopista Norte Km. 16 - Aeropuerto Guaymaral, Bogota, Colombia

Commercial Pilot Training Programs

AEROCLUB DE COLOMBIA offers the most complete commercial pilot programs following the standards of the Colombian Civil Aviation Authority.

The Academy’s experienced and respected flight instructors, the spacious classrooms and excellent educational methods, such as audiovisual aids, as well as the sophisticated navigation and communication equipment, make AEROCLUB DE COLOMBIA the best aviation academy in the country.

More specifically, AEROCLUB DE COLOMBIA is offering professional pilot programs for the training of pilots in commercial IFR and VFR fixed wing aircrafts and trains airmen for the Colombian National Army. The course topics include principles of aircraft design and performance, aircraft flight systems and controls, flight crew operations and procedures, radio communications, navigation procedures and systems, airways safety and traffic regulations, and governmental rules and regulations pertaining to piloting aircrafts, among others.

Private Pilot Training Programs

AEROCLUB DE COLOMBIA’s private pilot program is addressed to those who aspire to become recreational pilots on fixed wing aircrafts. The requirements to obtain a private pilot or sports aviation license are determined by the International Civil Aviation Authority (ICAO), and involve at least 56 hours of practical training under VFR/IFR traffic advisories.

Flight Instructor and Glider Training Programs

AEROCLUB DE COLOMBIA is offering flight instructor and glider training programs.

Maintenance and Repair Services

AEROCLUB DE COLOMBIA is offering maintenance and repair services in an aviation repair workshop approved by the Civil Aeronautics Board.

High Technology Facilities

The Academy operates at the premises of the Guaymaral Airport and has advanced training facilities, including aviation repair workshops approved by the Civil Aeronautics Board, laboratories and simulators, as well as a wide fleet of aircrafts, such as Cessna 152, Cessna 172 Skyhawk, Piper PA-28-161, Piper PA-28-235, Piper PA-18 and Vans RV-4, among others, and two gliders IAR IS-28 B2 Twin Lark and LET L-13 Blanik, all equipped with excellent navigation and communication equipment.

Aeroclub De Colombia

  • Autopista Norte Km. 16 Aeropuerto Guaymaral, Bogota, Colombia
  • +57 1 676 1498
  • +57 1 676 5812
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