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  • Aircraft, Helicopter, UAV, Spacecraft & related equipment
  • Maintenance Repair Overhaul and Logistics Support

AEROREPARACION LTDA., is a Colombian maintenance and repair company specialized in the field of aviation and aeronautical engineering. The Company is offering high quality special services on Class 1 propellers, engines, hydraulics, and other aircraft components and is composed of several aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul facilities, as well as employees who believe in excellence, workmanship and productivity.

AEROREPARACION LTDA. is certified by the Colombian Civil Aviation Authority under No. FAA-CDF-102 and its main objective is to provide the best maintenance, repair and overhaul services on key aircraft components.

Among the Company’s most prominent customers are the Armed Forces of Colombia, as well as other recognized civil and commercial aviation companies.


AEROREPARACION LTDA. is aiming to exceed customers' expectations. The Company’s ongoing commitment is to earn customers trust and build long term relationships through honest and proactive communication, as well as expert workmanship and high quality services.

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Contact info #1

Victor Hugo Riveros R.
+57 1 415 0962
General Manager
+57 1 415 4660
Calle 25D No. 99 - 33, Entrada Fontibon, Bogota, Colombia

Propeller Maintenance & Repair Services

The Company offers maintenance and repair services on Class 1 & 2 Propellers and Governors:

Class 1 Propellers:

  • General Repair Services,
  • Overhaul Services,
  • Paint Removal Services,
  • Polishing Services,
  • Treatment and Coating Services,
  • NDT Testing Services,
  • Painting Services,
  • Rolling Services,
  • Degree Calibration,
  • Partial Repairs.

Class 2 Propellers:

  • General Repair Services,
  • Overhaul Services,
  • Disassembly Services,
  • Paint Removal Services,
  • Polishing Services,
  • Dimensional Testing Services,
  • Degree Regulation,
  • Assembly Services,
  • Functional Testing Services,
  • Rolling Services,
  • Chemical Treatment,
  • Partial Repairs.


  • General Repair Services,
  • Bench Testing Services.

Class 1 Engine Maintenance & Repair

AEROREPARACION LTDA. specializes in the maintenance and repair of aircraft engines, in compliance with any recurring ADs and manufacturer's mandatory requirements:

  • General Repair Services,
  • Overhaul Services,
  • Inspection and Functional Tests,
  • Engine Test Bench on all Types of Opposite Engines,
  • Engine Pre-Installation.

Hydraulic Services

AEROREPARACION LTDA. is offering hydraulic services on:

  • Βrakes,
  • Servo brakes,
  • Actuators,
  • Pumping Engines,
  • Brake Master Cylinders,
  • Hydraulic Accumulators,
  • Power Packs.

Electrical Components Maintenance & Repair Services

AEROREPARACION LTDA. is offering maintenance and repair services on:

Class 1 Electrical Accessories:

  • Mechanical Accessories,
  • Fuel Pumps,
  • Fuel Controllers,
  • Wastegate Valves.

Class 2 Electrical Accessories:

  • Aircraft Ignition Systems,
  • Generators,
  • Ignition Generators,
  • Actuators,
  • Nonlinear Systems.

Specialized Services

AEROREPARACION LTDA. is offering additional specialized services, namely:

  • Magnetic Particle and Liquid Penetrant Inspection and Non-Destructive Evaluation,
  • Magnaflux Magnetic Particle Inspection,
  • Sandblasting Services.

Highly Qualified Personnel

AEROREPARACION LTDA. employs highly qualified and licensed personnel in compliance with the Colombian aviation regulations.

Advanced Facilities

The Company’s facilities cover an area of 2500m2, are adequately lighted and comply with safety regulations. AEROREPARACION LTDA.’s facilities meet the technical specifications required by FAA and are equipped with the most modern testing equipment and extensive line of special tools.

Aeroreparacion Ltda.

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