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  • Military, Tactical, Logistic Support Vehicles & related equipment
  • Other Aerospace, Defence and High Technology related companies

AUTO COLORES G LTDA., is a company with experience in the provision of specialized products for the automotive, aviation and general industry. The Company employs an experienced, professional, energetic, and courteous engineering team, ensuring the complete satisfaction of its clients’ requests.


AUTOCOLORES G LTDA. commercializes high quality painting products for the automotive, aviation and general industry, building long lasting customer partnerships though well-executed paint jobs that deliver the best possible results.


AUTOCOLORES G LTDA. aims to become the best distribution channel for industrial paints and supplies nationwide, meeting the needs of its customers in an efficient and timely manner and generating added value products and services.

Contact info #1

Flor Maria Galvis
+57 1 630 0277
General Manager
Cra 70 No. 69 A 32, Bogota, Colombia

Workshop Installation & Technical Training Services

AUTOCOLORES G LTDA. offers workshop installation services for paint application processes to assemblers and automotive repair workshops, as well as technical training services to its clients.

3M & DuPont Products

AUTOCOLORES G LTDA. commercializes 3M and DuPont products for the general and automotive industry, such as:

  • Perfect IT II paint finishing systems,
  • Wax removal cloths,
  • Car sun films,
  • Car polishes,
  • Waxes and treatments,
  • Sanding blocks,
  • Car seam sealers,
  • Brush seals,
  • Sealants for doors, trunk seams, floor panels etc.

Autocolores G Ltda.

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