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UNIVERSIDAD DEL ROSARIO, is a university originally founded in 1653 by Fray Cristobal de Torres. The Institution is based on secular ideas and has been influenced by the Colombian culture and public life. At least 28 of Colombia's presidents have attended UNIVERSIDAD DEL ROSARIO.

UNIVERSIDAD DEL ROSARIO offers high quality undergraduate and postgraduate programs and specializations and has acknowledged research groups approved by Colciencias.


UNIVERSIDAD DEL ROSARIO is recognized as the foundation of educational activities, providing solid ethical, humanistic and scientific education, which combined with research groups and rigorous programs, allow the educational community to develop responsible citizens who act in benefit of the society.


UNIVERSIDAD DEL ROSARIO aims to become an institution recognized nationally and internationally by the excellence and the high quality of its academic programs generating knowledge relevant to the development of society and strengthening the interaction with groups and academic institutions.


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Rafael Tello
+57 1 422 5321
Calle 12C No. 6-25 - Bogota D.C. Colombia

Undergraduate & Postgraduate Programs

The University has six faculties and two Schools offering both undergraduate and postgraduate programs:

• Law,
• Medicine and Health Sciences,
• Psychology,
• Physiotherapy,
• Speech Therapy,
• Occupational Therapy,
• Business Administration,
• International Business Administration,
• Logistics and Production Administration,
• Economics,
• International Finance and Trade,
• Political Science and Government,
• Urban Administration and Development,
• International Relations,
• Anthropology,
• History,
• Philosophy,
• Sociology,
• Journalism and Public Opinion,
• Studies of Liberal Arts in Social Sciences.

PhD Programs

UNIVERSIDAD DEL ROSARIO offers doctoral programs in the following faculties:

  • Biomedical Sciences,
  • Management Sciences,
  • Law,
  • Economics.

Master Degrees

UNIVERSIDAD DEL ROSARIO offers Master Programs forming highly qualified specialists in a particular area of knowledge:

• Master of Physical Activity and Health,
• Master of Health Administration,
• Master of Laws,
• Master of Administrative Law,
• Master in Management,
• Master in Economics,
• Master of International and Political Studies,
• Master of Social Studies,
• Master of Philosophy,
• Master of Quantitative Finance,
• Master of Human Genetics,
• Master of Journalism,
• Master of Occupational and Environmental Health.


UNIVERSIDAD DEL ROSARIO offers over 80 specialized programs in different areas of knowledge:

  • Administration,
  • Human Sciences,
  • Economics,
  • Law,
  • Medicine,
  • Rehabilitation and Human Development.

Instituto Rosarista de Acción Social “Rafael Arenas Ángel"

Instituto Rosarista de Acción Social “Rafael Arenas Ángel” was founded in 2007 as an institute dedicated to contribute to local development, organizational strengthening and the promotion of active participation of communities and individuals in social issues.

CEPEC – Centro de Pensamiento de Estrategias Competitivas

CEPEC – Centro de Pensamiento de Estrategias Competitivas is a management center dedicated to the competitive development of the University and its faculties.


  • Convergence on strategic issues of national and regional competitiveness,
  • Develop partnerships with agencies and national and international institutions,
  • Observation and analysis on the various issues related to competitiveness,
  • Coordination of the efforts of the faculties, the research groups and the extension activities in the University.

Research Groups

  • UNIVERSIDAD DEL ROSARIO offers a variety of research activities in different fields, benefiting education and contributing to society as a whole:

School of Management

  • Research Group on Business Durability.

Faculty of Political Science and Government

  • Center for Political and International Studies.

Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

  • Biochemistry and Biotechnology Research Group,
  • Clinical Research Group on Molecular Infectious Diseases,
  • Medical Sciences Research Group,
  • Ecology and Ecosystem Research Group,
  • Mathematics and Applications Research Group.

School of Economics

  • Research Group of the Faculty of Economics.

School of Law

  • Research Group on International Law,
  • Research Group on Criminal Law,
  • Research Group on Private Law,
  • Research Group on Public Law,
  • Research Group on Human Rights.

Faculty of International Relations

  • Center for Political and International Studies.

School of Human Sciences

  • Center for Theological Studies and Religions,
  • Identity Study Group,
  • Social Studies of Science, Technology and the Professions,
  • Research Group on Ethics and Responsibility,
  • Research Group on Logic, Epistemology and Philosophy of Science,
  • Research Group on Writing and Language.

School of Medicine and Health Sciences

  • Study Center of Autoimmune Diseases,
  • Behavioral Sciences Study Group,
  • Traditional Systems of Health Study Group,
  • Clinical Research Group,
  • Research Group on Physical Activity and Human Development,
  • Research Group on Molecular and Cellular Biology,
  • Research Group on Medical Education and Health Sciences,
  • Research Group on Molecular Studies,
  • Genetics Research Group,
  • Research Group on Individual, Family and Society,
  • Neuroscience Research Group,
  • Research Group on Rehabilitation Sciences,
  • Research Group on Health, Knowledge, and Work,
  • Public Health Research Group.


  • Research Group on the History of the University of Rosario.

Universidad del Rosario

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