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  • Aircraft, Helicopter, UAV, Spacecraft & related equipment
  • Maintenance Repair Overhaul and Logistics Support

HELICOMPUESTOS LTDA., was created by a group of specialists in aeronautics, as an effort to satisfy the necessity for a composite materials repair workshop in the country, the lack of which was forcing local helicopter operators to send aircraft parts for repair abroad, where as a consequence, operating costs were high and delivery times delayed.

HELICOMPUESTOS LTDA. is an Aeronautical Repair Workshop approved by the Special Administrative Unit of Civil Aeronautics (UAEAC), under operating license CDF-092.

The Company is mainly involved in the repair, reconstruction and modification of helicopter components using advanced composite materials.

HELICOMPUESTOS LTDA. strives to meet its business objectives, by providing high quality solutions to its clients and fulfilling the needs of the aviation industry.


  • Integrity,
  • Enthusiasm,
  • Excellence,
  • Commitment.


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Contact info #1

Manuel Eduardo Ariza
+57 1 676 5221
Director of Maintenance and Operations
+57 1 676 5221
Autopista Norte Km16, Hangar Sicher, Bodega 2, Aeropuerto Guaymaral, Bogota, Colombia

Aeronautical Services

HELICOMPUESTOS LTDA. provides aeronautical services such as:

  • Preventive and corrective maintenance, reconstruction, alteration of aircraft and aircraft systems.
  • Implementation of Corrosion Prevention and Control Programs (CPCP).
  • Application of coatings, finishes (paints) and protective treatments on the metal parts of the aircraft.
  • Design and manufacture, repair, reconstruction and alteration of parts using advanced composite materials.
  • Design and manufacture, repair, reconstruction and alteration of aeronautical parts in steel and composite aircraft structures.
  • Execution of non-destructive inspections on parts and components.
  • Alignment and balancing of control surfaces.
  • Support with the help of duly licensed and trained professionals in the areas of aircraft maintenance.
  • Supply of spares parts and consumables.

Human Resources

HELICOMPUESTOS LTDA. employs trained personnel certified by the Special Administrative Unit of Civil Aeronautics (UAEAC) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) that have carried out several works on rotary wing aircraft (Bell, Sikorsky, Eurocopter, MI) in both the civil and the military aviation sectors, as well as on fixed wing aircraft for the civil aviation sector (Boeing, Airbus, McDonnell Douglas, De Havillan, Antonov, Metro among others).

Machinery & Equipment

The Company has the appropriate equipment and machinery for the execution of advanced maintenance and repair services including test benches for the repair, maintenance and inspection of composite aeronautical structures.


Among, HELICOMPUESTOS LTDA.’s most prominent clients is the CAMAN - Maintenance Air Command of the Colombian Air Force.


Helicompuestos Ltda.

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