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DURABOTES S.A.S., is a leader in Colombia in the manufacture of boats made of imported duraluminum. The Company has over 35 years of experience in the naval sector and among others, provides exclusive maintenance to the manufactured boats.


  • Duraluminum weighs 30% to 50% less than other materials,
  • Duraluminum’s lower weight requires a smaller motor,
  • Fuel saving,
  • The boat’s lower depth, allows it to navigate in shallow waters,
  • The boats are lighter and towing or loading is easier,
  • Duraluminum is unbreakable,
  • Duraluminum is 100% rust free, with a 20 year warranty,
  • Duraluminum is more resistant to abrasion,
  • The bottom of the boat is made in one piece,
  • The boat’s hull is welded not riveted,
  • DURABOTES S.A.S.’s boats require less maintenance,
  • Injected polyurethane ensures buoyancy,
  • The Company offers custom designs,
  • Handles and fasteners are specifically for marine use,
  • The Company offers exclusive services to its boats,
  • The Company has over 35 years of experience in the manufacture of boats.

Contact info #1

Sergio Rodriguez
+57 1 670 2255
Commercial Director
+57 1 671 5786
Cra 23 # 168 – 54, Bogota D.C., 110131, Colombia


V-hull with reverse keel for use in lakes and rivers. Suitable for sailing, and boat gliding. Easy to mount on a trailer.

  • VP10
  • VP12
  • VP14
  • VP16
  • VP18


V-hull for use in lakes and rivers. Suitable for cargo and/or people transport. Increased cargo capacity.

  • CN60
  • CN70
  • CN85
  • CN104


Semi "V" hull with lateral reverse keel, for use in lakes and rivers with few waves. Easy loading on a trailer thanks to its semi flat - bottom. Suitable for boat gliding.

  • PA14
  • PA16
  • PA18
  • PA20


  • Deluxe console,
  • Simple console,
  • Canvas ceiling,
  • Drawer/bench,
  • Floor drawer,
  • Bow,
  • Storage tanks



Family and touristic design. Hull type catamaran, open air platform.


Floating docks made of aluminum for more durability. Custom designs.

Durabotes S.A.S.

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