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  • Composites, Plastics & Rubber
  • Mechanical, Electro-mechanical, Hydraulic and Pneumatic components
  • Military, Tactical, Logistic Support Vehicles & related equipment
  • Textile, Individual Equipment, Clothing

EMPAQUETADURAS Y EMPAQUES S.A., is one of the most important companies in Colombia and the Latin American region in the manufacture of fluid sealing products. EMPAQUETADURAS Y EMPAQUES S.A. is known for its reliability and wide range of products.

EMPAQUETADURAS Y EMPAQUES S.A.’s quality policy is the manufacture and sale of products with high technical specifications, in compliance with the requirements for industrial use. The Company strives to exceed customer expectations in terms of quality and good service, through the continuous improvement of processes, the ongoing training of human and technical resources and the technological upgrading.

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Contact info #1

Alcira Marin
+57 4 350 5000
Regional Manager - Cartagena
+57 4 351 2257
Carrera 52 # 23-54, Av. Guayabal, Medellin, Colombia

Contact info #2

Vanessa Ribon Monterroza
+57 4 350 5000
Assistant (of Regional Manager – Cartagena)
+57 4 351 2257
Carrera 52 # 23-54, Av. Guayabal, Medellin, Colombia

Parts, Seals, Gaskets, Conveyors and Adhesives

Parts & Components: EMPAQUETADURAS Y EMPAQUES S.A. manufactures parts and components based on samples and drawings using different industrial processes:

  • Polyurethane Casting,
  • Polymer Injection,
  • Elastomers Molding,
  • Polymer Machining,
  • Polymer and Elastomer Extrusion.

The Company is capable of offering plastic and rubber solutions for any application.

Dynamic & Static Seals: The Company commercializes mechanical seals of the brand Sealco.

Gaskets for pumps & valves: EMPAQUETADURAS Y EMPAQUES S.A. markets various types of gaskets for pumps and valves.

Conveyors: The Company offers high quality conveyors in a wide variety.

Adhesives & Epoxies: EMPAQUETADURAS Y EMPAQUES S.A. offers advanced technology products for the industry in general, such as adhesives, sealants, lubricants and thread lockers.

Packaging, Environmental Control Devices & Engineering Plastics

Packaging Tapes: The Company commercializes different types of packaging tapes of the brand 3M.

Environmental Control Devices: EMPAQUETADURAS Y EMPAQUES S.A. commercializes environmental control devices, such as filters, electronic controllers for intelligent management of the filters and valves for filter cleaning systems.

Slade Foils: The Company commercializes braided graphite foils of the brand Slade. This foil provides sealing at high temperatures and pressures, eliminating water injection into the gland. It is a new and revolutionary gasket for emission control in valves and pumps.

Engineering Plastic Products: The Company offers different types of plastic products for engineering use.

System Plast, Rema Tip Top and Kimberly-Clark Professional Products

System Plast Products: EMPAQUETADURAS Y EMPAQUES S.A. commercializes products of the brand SYSTEM PLAST, a leader in the manufacture of conveyor components, such as plastic and metal chains, bearing supports, bipods, tripods, clamps, joints, fixing blocks, latches, stands, profiles, guides, hinges, handle levers, rollers, etc.

Rema Tip Top Products: The Company commercializes products of the brand REMA TIP TOP, a leader in conveyor maintenance, wear protection and corrosion protection. These products considerably extend the service life of valuable industrial equipment.

Kimberly-Clark Professional Products: EMPAQUETADURAS Y EMPAQUES S.A. provides products of the brand Kimberly-Clark Professional, a world leader in environmentally responsible solutions and dispensing systems for hygiene and cleanliness.

Industrial Security, Chemical, Thermal Insulation and Automotive Products

Industrial Security Products: EMPAQUETADURAS Y EMPAQUES S.A. offers industrial security products, such as: head protection, light radiation and mechanical eye protection, hand protection, thermal protection, spill control protection, firefighter’s protection, hearing protection, respiratory protection, fall protection, chemical protection and special protection equipment.

Chemical Products: EMPAQUETADURAS Y EMPAQUES S.A. commercializes a wide range of maintenance products for the industrial and electrical sectors.

Thermal Insulation Products: EMPAQUETADURAS Y EMPAQUES S.A. commercializes products from SEALCO S.A., a world leader in providing engineering materials that control energy losses at a low cost and with an excellent return on investment.

Automotive Products: The Company offers PEVISA gaskets and automotive products of the Rema Tip Top, CRC and Dr. Power brands.

Empaquetaduras y Empaques S.A.

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