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ORGANIZACION CHAID NEME HERMANOS – INCOLBESTOS S.A., is the flagship company of the Brakes Business Unit of the Chaidneme Group, a Colombian Conglomerate, encompassing 23 companies and actively engaged in industry, commerce and construction since 1932. With manufacturing plants in Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela, the Chaidneme Group is a leader in the automotive aftermarket industry for both passenger and heavy duty vehicles, including OEM and replacement parts.

Incolbest has steadily employed a total quality management approach to its products and services and hence, it is not surprising that it is the dominant player in brake systems and friction materials in the Andean countries today. Over time, Incolbest has grown to become the supplier of choice for leading transportation companies all over Central and South America.

Innovative operations management, supported by state of the art facilities and production lines, carefully controlled production schedules as well as a tight integration of all business operations, have all contributed to Incolbest´s expanding presence within international markets.

Beyond Borders

Within Colombia, Incolbest has formed the largest brake parts distribution system in the country, including 150 wholesale distributors catering to more than 10,000 retailers and service shops. In addition, Incolbest covers the OEM market for the Andean countries in the many vehicle assembly plants operated by Chevrolet, Renault, Toyota, Hino and Mitsubishi. Today Incolbest is a brand name of prestige in more than 20 countries in North, Central and South America, and wherever else its line of brake replacement parts is exported to.

Looking Forward

Incolbest´s continuous Research and Development of new products and technologies with the support of leading companies around the world, its added value offer for its commercial partners, its vision  for the future, coupled with a tradition of over 55 years, have defined the path to Incolbest´s success, and has allowed the company to plan for the future with a firm and unshaken vision as a leading company in brake systems and friction materials, with the best and highest grade technology so that you may DRIVE SAFELY.


Dedicated work and a commitment to quality have earned Incolbest an array of certifications and awards, consolidating its world class status within the industry. Today, Incolbest operates a Quality and Enviromental Management System which complies with the requirements of the following national and international certifications:

  • ISO/TS 16949:2009 - THIRD EDITION,
  • ISO 9001:2008,
  • ISO 14001,
  • ICONTEC Seals of Quality (Colombian Standards Organization), for brake and friction components.

As an importer and exporter of manufactured goods, Incolbest has been evaluated by the World BASC Organization and has been approved with reference to:

  • BASC Standards Version 3-2008 RMS C-TPAT.



Contact info #1

Marlene Galvis Prada
+57 1 422 1730
Head of Research, Development & Process Friction Materials Plant
+57 1 415 1016
Av Calle 17 No 123 B-49, Bogota, Colombia


Incolbest has a training program, within which are included the following topics and courses:


  • Academic meeting about two hours, held sporadically, convened through the distribution network Incolbest S.A.
  • It covers general topics brake system, its operation and maintenance.
  • Any technician can attend these talks on mechanical brakes, suspension and overall mechanical yard, who express their concerns and questions about the maintenance of brake systems heavy and light vehicles.


  • 75-hour course, which gives a more complete and thorough training on brake systems and maintenance.
  • Working in groups of up to twenty (25) individuals and the trainer is a Technical Advisor Incolbest S.A., together with a trainer SENA.
  • Has practical content and is conducted in partnership with the SENA.
  • The requirement for admission to the course is credited of at least one year of experience.
  • Upon successful completion of the course, the attendees  will receive a certificate and Incolbest SENA S.A.


  • 60-hour course with theoretical and practical content, after complying with the requirements of Frenero Technician course.
  • To enter the course, students must demonstrate five years of experience and provide a knowledge test on brakes.
  • Working in groups of up to twelve (12) individuals and the trainer is a Technical Advisory of Incolbest.
  • After receiving a license and a professional diploma Frenero, by Incolbest.

WORKSHOPS & COURSES (other topics)

These issues are addressed complementary brakes, more focused on the human dimension, personal development, family, life plan, etc. Similarly treated accounting basics, money management, etc.

Brake Systems Components

  • Master and Wheel Cylinders,
  • Brake Boosters,
  • Disc Brakes,
  • Drum Brakes,
  • Brake Liquid,
  • Repair Kits.

Friction Materials for Brake Systems & Clutch Systems

  • Brake Linings and Brake Blocks,
  • Brake Pads and CV Pads,
  • Clutch Facings.

Accredited Laboratory

The company possesses an accredited laboratory as certified by the National Accreditation Organization of Colombia in accordance with standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

As a result Incolbest conducts calibration of their tools and equipment in accordance with the appropriate standards and norms.


Incolbest is backed by proven and tested technology provided by world renowned leaders in the industry.


  • Honeywell - Germany since 1978,
  • Bosch Braking Systems - Germany since 1984,
  • Federal Mogul - United States since 1985,
  • TRW - United States since 2000,
  • Akebono - Japan since 1981,
  • AISIN - Japan since 1998.



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