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  • Infrastructure, Construction & Civil Engineering
  • Mechanical, Electro-mechanical, Hydraulic and Pneumatic components
  • Metal Processing, Parts & Components
  • Services (R&D, training, engineering, consultancy, …)

INSTATEL COLOMBIA C.I. LTDA., is a Colombian company located in Bogota and dedicated to the development of engineering projects in the areas of civil construction, telecommunications and metal structures. The Company was founded in 1995 in Santiago, Chile and has a history of more than 15 years in the implementation and execution of projects with cutting-edge technologies.

10 years later, the Company decided to expand to Latin America and in order to meet the needs of the Andean region, INSTATEL COLOMBIA and IT VENEZUELA DE COMUNICACIONES were established in 2005 and 2007 respectively. In January 2009, INSTATEL entered the Central American market with INSTATEL PANAMA and INSTATEL COSTA RICA. In 2011, the Company entered the North American market with the opening of INSTATEL USA.


INSTATEL COLOMBIA participates actively in engineering development projects by providing high quality services to the construction, steel structure and telecommunications sectors and by offering solutions that fit customers’ needs, while maintaining the highest standards of excellence and professionalism at the same time.


INSTATEL COLOMBIA aims to be a leader in the development of construction and engineering projects generating profits to its customers, employees, shareholders and the community in general. The Company aims to be recognised for its quality, excellence and innovative approaches in the construction, consulting and telecommunications sectors.


INSTATEL is committed to meeting customers’ requirements, ensuring the highest standards of quality and excellence, optimizing resources and continuously improving processes.

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Contact info #1

Hernan Torres
+57 1 805 2668
General Manager
Carrera 124, n. 17 – 98 Fontibon, Bogota, Colombia

Construction Services

INSTATEL Colombia has a long experience in the construction, maintenance and site preparation for the development of its client’s projects:

• Ability to develop projects from scratch,
• Open office environments,
• Urban planning and landscaping works,
• Development of architectural and civil projects,
• Construction of civil infrastructure projects and electrical and grounding systems,
• Metal structures.

Telecommunications Services

Since 1991, INSTATEL has participated in many telecommunication networks projects, and has the experience and know how to perform the following services:

• Design, development, testing, commissioning and maintenance of equipment,
• Preventive and corrective maintenance services,
• Customization,
• Auditing services,
• RF tests (Drive test, benchmarking, QoS, performance optimization)
• Data networks and structured cabling services.

Consultancy Services

INSTATEL is able to offer a wide range of consulting services:

• Project management,
• Structural calculation and design,
• Consulting on the design, manufacture and assembly of metal structures,
• Consulting on the design of electrical substations,
• Environmental management,
• Consulting and auditing on projects under construction, steel structures and telecommunications projects,
• Studies related to soil mechanics, slope stability and risk phenomena,
• Topographic surveys
• Legal support related to project development:

o License,
o Permissions,
o Site search,
o Others.

Metal Structures

INSTATEL is equipped with a modern production plant with cutting edge machinery for the manufacture of metal structures:

• Hot dip galvanized structures,
• Design and assembly of metal structures,
• Telecommunication towers and electric power flow studies,
• Substations,
• Metal decks,
• Metal bridges,
• Architectural design,
• Reinforcement of metal structures,
• Supply and installation of shelters,
• Maintenance services.

Instatel Colombia CI Ltda.

  • Carrera 124, n. 17 98 Fontibon, Bogota, Colombia
  • +57 1 805 2668
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