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  • Infrastructure, Construction & Civil Engineering
  • Maintenance Repair Overhaul and Logistics Support
  • Metal Processing, Parts & Components
  • Ships, Vessels, Submarines & related equipment

LAGUNA MORANTE S.A., is a construction company founded in June 1990 in Cartagena, Colombia. LAGUNA MORANTE S.A. specializes in metalworking activities, such as construction, repair and assembly of pipelines, electromechanical assemblies, as well as civil engineering, sandblasting, mechanical cleaning and other general metalworking services.

LAGUNA MORANTE S.A. has 23 years of experience in the metalworking sector and is known for its excellent performance, high quality services, experienced human talent and commitment towards its customers. Within the last 23 years, the Company has been diversifying its portfolio of services, according to the specific needs of the target market.

LAGUNA MORANTE S.A. is following the Environmental Management Plan approved by the Regional Autonomous Corporation CARDIQUE, along with the Occupational Health and Management Program certified by the Colombian Safety Council and has been certified under ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 Quality Management Systems.

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Contact info #1

Oscar Ivan Laguna Morante
+57 5 657 0017 Ext.: 112
Project Manager
+57 5 657 0020 Ext.: 110
Km 3 Via a Mamonal, Cra 56 No 1-119 Interior, Cartagena, Colombia

Contact info #2

Lina Luz Laguna Morante
+57 5 657 0017 Ext.: 103
Administrative Manager
+57 5 657 0020 Ext.: 110
Km 3 Via a Mamonal, Cra 56 No 1-119 Interior, Cartagena, Colombia

Contact info #3

Yira Marcela Laguna Morante
+57 5 657 0017 Ext.: 115
Head of Operations
+57 5 657 0020 Ext.: 110
Km 3 Via a Mamonal, Cra 56 No 1-119 Interior, Cartagena, Colombia

Contact info #4

Diana Baena Hernandez
+57 5 657 0017 Ext.: 103
Civil Works & Procurements Coordinator
+57 5 657 0020 Ext.: 110
Km 3 Via a Mamonal, Cra 56 No 1-119 Interior, Cartagena, Colombia

Industrial Maintenance & Coatings Application

LAGUNA MORANTE S.A. has over 23 years of experience in surface cleaning with the use of different methods, offering a variety of industrial maintenance services, suitable for steel and concrete structures. Among the various techniques used are:

  • Sandblasting,
  • Wet-blasting,
  • Hydro-blasting,
  • Grit-blasting,
  • Shot blasting,
  • Sponge jet blasting,
  • Manual and mechanical cleaning.

LAGUNA MORANTE S.A. offers industrial protective coating services, such as high-tech industrial paints, anti-corrosion coatings and surface treatments, as well as tank coating and tank painting services, using a high performance team specialized in the provision of cost-effective and reliable protective coating solutions.

The Company’s highly qualified and experienced manpower makes use of highly advanced equipment for the execution of such services, in compliance with the related international standards:

  • SSPC-1 for Solvent Cleaning,
  • SSPC-SP-2 for Manual Cleaning,
  • SSPC-SP-3 for Mechanical Cleaning,
  • SSPC-SP-5 NACE-1, SSPC-SP-6 NACE-3, SSPC-SP-7 NACE-4 and SSPC-SP-10 NACE-2 for Abrasive Blasting.

Civil Works

LAGUNA MORANTE S.A. is equipped with the appropriate machinery and highly experienced and qualified professionals for the development of civil engineering projects, such as:

  • Construction and maintenance of road infrastructure,
  • Concrete and asphalt paving services,
  • Excavation services,
  • Oily sludge treatment services,
  • Retail services,
  • Supply of concrete.

Equipment & Machine Tool Leasing Services

In LAGUNA MORANTE S.A. customers can find the ideal leasing equipment and tools that adapt to their specific needs and requirements:

  • Compressors and painting equipment,
  • Welding machines,
  • Backhoe Trucks,
  • Bulldozers,
  • Mixer Trucks,
  • Pumper Trucks,
  • Loader Trucks,
  • Dump Trucks.

Additionally, the Company offers construction support services using specialized personnel, as well as transportation of machinery and equipment to the site.

Concrete Distribution

LAGUNA MORANTE S.A. is a distributor throughout Colombia of:

  • Pumpable Concrete,
  • Fluid Concrete,
  • Normal Concrete,
  • Paving Concrete,
  • Concrete for Industrial Surfaces,
  • High-Strength Concrete,
  • Low Permeability Concrete.

Industrial Machinery

LAGUNA MORANTE S.A. is equipped with appropriate machinery for the execution of construction services, namely:

  • Excavators,
  • Bulldozers,
  • Graders,
  • Dumping machines,
  • Portable compressors,
  • Concrete breaking hammers,
  • Sandblasting and air hoses,
  • Airless equipment,
  • Three phase power plant,
  • Scaffolds,
  • Tabulators,
  • Concrete mixing machines,
  • Stationary pumps.

Clients & Projects

  • ZONA FRANCA PARQUE CENTRAL - Earthworks (64 hectares), road construction, as well as canal, box culverts, warehouses and buildings construction services.
  • ECOPETROL S.A. - Maintenance, repair, installation and rehabilitation of tanks and oil pipelines.
  • CARBOQUIMICA - Earthworks.
  • OLEODUCTO CENTRAL S.A. - Maintenance and repair of tanks and oil pipelines.


Laguna Morante S.A.

  • Km 3 Vía a Mamonal, Cra 56 No 1 119 Interior, Cartagena, Colombia
  • +57 5 657 0017
  • +57 5 657 0024 Ext.: 110
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