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PROCIBERNETICA S.A., is located in the city of Bogota, Colombia and has over 36 years of experience in the development and implementation of high technology solutions to satisfy the needs of different business sectors of the country. The company has extensive knowledge and experience in the technology market and provides customers with innovative and qualitative solutions, aligned with the specific strategies and needs of each enterprise.


The company’ primary goal is customers’ satisfaction through the delivery of technology and computer science systems of the latest generation. In order to be able to perform this, the company has a trained and competent working team which operates in full respect and compliance with suppliers’ guidelines.


 PROCIBERNETICA S.A. has the vision to become one of the leading companies in the computer science industry in Colombia as well as in the rest of Latin America, continuously generating added values for its workers, customers and business partners.

Quality Policy

 PROCIBERNETICA S.A.’s quality policy is to provide state of the art technology and computer science solutions, ensuring the highest standards of performance in order to reach full satisfaction of customers and suppliers, and in this way, along with its human talent, ensuring the company’s steady growth.


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Jorge Andres Soto Murillo
+57 1 313 6500
Vice President Operations
+57 1 321 3320
Carrera 9 No 73-44 Bogota, Colombia

Business Applications

PROCIBERNÉTICA offers business applications that simplify and automate tasks to improve the performance of business processes.

The company implements computer science solutions tailored to customers’ needs in order to increase the return on their investments.

The solutions PROCIBERNÉTICA offers include:

1. Portals: web single access point to information across all areas of an organization.
2. Databases: databases management systems, providing storage and access to data quickly and in a structured way.
3. Business Intelligence: business intelligence is a practice that seeks to transform companies’ data into information and knowledge.
4. Business Process Management: business methodology aimed at improving efficiency through business process management, which must be modelled, organized, documented and optimized continuously. To support this strategy, PROCIBERNÉTICA offers solutions that provide the necessary support to meet the BPM lifecycle.
5. Application Lifecycle: process which controls the lifecycle in the development of software applications.

Information Security and Storage

Regarding information security, the company offers the following services:

• Connectivity and convergence of legacy services and data applications
• Implementation of Ethernet services on transport networks
• Radios in unlicensed band
• Radios in licensed bands
• Optical networks

Solutions in information security enable enterprises to confidentially expand their network of clients, partners and mobile employees. This protection helps organizations to better leverage their intelligence platform connectivity, improving business processes, reducing costs and increasing revenue and productivity.

• Perimeter Security (Firewall)
• Content Filtering
• Secure remote access
• Intrusion Detection and Prevention

Regarding storage, PROCIBERNÉTICA has a portfolio of storage systems for SAN and NAS networks that help customers to consolidate their data optimally. The company’s storage infrastructure has the ideal characteristics of scalability, manageability, virtualization and flexibility to guarantee that customers’ business information is always available and has an excellent performance.

The advantages of these solutions are clear and understandable:

Performance: performance optimization of backup and recovery by changing the backup disk.
Disaster & Recovery: WAN networks massive cost savings for remote copy because only changed data blocks are transmitted.
Easy Implementation: seamless integration of technologies

Installation, Implementation, Support and Maintenance

The options provided to the customer within this group of services are:

• Server and Storage Consolidation.
• Design and installation of communication networks, including the supply of equipment and wiring.
• Migration and Technology Integration (Hardware and Applications).
• The installation and implementation services aim to setup and start the functionality of the products or services sold as a solution to the customer.
• Corrective Maintenance: 5x8 or 7x24 service, timely support over the telephone, support on site (Bogota, Barranquilla, Bucaramanga and Medellin) and spares on site.
• Preventive maintenance: technical visit twice a year after defining the maintenance schedule, configuration check, correct performance verification and internal and external cleaning.
• Assistance on Demand: service according to customers’ requirements and needs, available 24 hours a day; the value of this service is billed by the hour and the cost must be approved first by the customer, before the job is performed.

Consulting, Outsourcing and Training

PROCIBERNÉTICA provides the following services:

• Advising on the acquisition of technology according to business strategy.
• Definition of an uniform software and hardware architecture based on standards and best practices.
• Implementation of project management, with processes of initiation, planning, execution, control and closure.
• Partial or total delegation of companies’  internal computer activity.
• Training on operation, configuration and maintenance of each product or application that is part of a solution to the company purchased.


PROCIBERNÉTICA has established strategic alliances with multinational leaders in mobile access and communications networks for the transmission of voice, data and video.

The company’s efforts are aimed at understanding, designing, implementing and monitoring solutions focused on customers’ technological strategy in order to support them in the management of their business development.

LAN, WAN Network Solutions:

• Network integration through switches, routers, servers, operating systems and applications
• Traffic optimization and VLANs implementation
• Use and integration of different technologies (TDM, Frame Relay, ATM, MPLS, VoIP, etc.)
• LAN / WAN wireless networks
• Applications balancing
• Ethernet channels balancing
• Measurement and monitoring systems


PROCIBERNÉTICA focuses on improving customers' quality of calls using equipment for call generation, automation, monitoring, recording and distribution on a large scale.

The company’s telephony solutions can be customised in order to fit many business areas such as call and contact centers, the financial sector, the education sector, the health sector, the governmental as well as the majority of organizations where the phone is an essential tool for daily communication.

Some of PROCIBERNÉTICA’s solutions include:

• Voice Solutions
• Complete solutions for conventional and wireless telephony
• Advice on the migration of PBX conventional systems
• Multilines
• Advice on the implementation of IP telephony


Today the requirements for data processing and applications management have become of paramount importance and this is why in order to maintain the effectiveness and productivity of their processes it is very important for enterprises to have high performance processing machines.

PROCIBERNÉTICA has a broad portfolio of servers including machines with the highest processing levels on the market.

PROCIBERNÉTICA offers a wide range of virtualization technologies that optimize the use of resources to create strategies enabling contingency management and in the most extreme cases enabling disaster recovery.


PROCIBERNÉTICA customers list includes Davivienda, Tigo, Nueva Eps, Ecopetrol.

Procibernetica S.A.

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