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SISA - SISTEMAS INTEGRALES DE INFORMATICA S.A., is a Colombian company founded in 1986 and specializing in computer technology solutions. The Company is equipped with highly competitive resources in both commercial and technical areas, as well as the flexibility to carry-out complex projects related to technological integration, taking advantage of its financial solidity, experience and an important database of satisfied customers.

Its product portfolio includes outsourcing services, virtual technology solutions, performance analysis, design, implementation and support services, servers and storage, as well as software and communications services.

With branches in Bogota, Medellin, Cali, Barranquilla and Bucaramanga, SISA S.A. is one of the most solid companies in the sector. Its financial strength and the appropriate management of the business relationships, guarantees the completion of its obligations and the delivery of high quality products, in an integral way, thus transforming the Company into an excellent business ally.

The Colombian “La Republica” newspaper indicated that SISA S.A., SISTEMAS INTEGRALES DE INFORMÁTICA is one of the most profitable computer technology companies in the country, according to the analysis of the financial sector published in May, 2012.


SISA S.A. aims to contribute to the development of its customers and the region, by means of the delivery of the best technological solutions.


SISA S.A. aims to be consolidated as the most preferred computer services company and technological partner in the Colombian market and abroad.

As an organization, the Company is certified under the following certifications:

• ISO 9001:2008,
• IBM Canal Premier,
• Cisco Premier Reseller,
• Microsoft Gold Partner,
• Oracle Partner Tier-1,
• Fortinet: Authorized Supplier,
• VMware: Authorized Supplier.


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Contact info #1

Deissy Gloria Coronel Lopez
+57 1 657 7888
Senior Account Manager
+57 1 629 4148
Autopista Norte, No. 118-30 Oficina 501, Bogota, Colombia

Outsourcing/Servers & Storage

SISTEMAS INTEGRALES DE INFORMÁTICA S.A., monitors the technological infrastructure of the client company in order to minimize business risks and costs. In the computing area, the Company offers the following services:

  • Outsourcing services,
  • Operational management services,
  • Consultancy services by a group of IT specialists and communication suppliers (IBM, CISCO, ORACLE) related to AIX software, servers, storage, networks, backups, etc.

Performance Analysis Services

Local Area Networks (LAN): Monitoring and analysis of the LAN, in order to identify its current state and diagnose the events and factors that are affecting the operation and performance of the network.

Wide Area Networks (WAN): Monitoring and analysis of the Wide Area Network (WAN), in order to identify the events and factors that are affecting the operation and performance of the network.

Critical Mission platforms: Monitoring and analysis of the main components at the level of hardware and software, in order to objectively measure the real performance of the platform and establish the alternatives for business growth.

Basis for Server Consolidation Projects: By means of the application of methodologies and tools that correspond to the best practices of properly certified human resources it is possible to get to a real estimation of the type and quantity of the servers required, in order to minimize costs and increase computing capacity, as well as availability.

Design & Implementation Services

Design and Architecture of Solutions: The Company incorporates different technological components (servers and operative systems, among others), for critical mission environments.

Installation and Configuration of Process, Storage, Communications, Security and Support Solutions: The Company provides the previously established scope and deliverables in order to achieve the budgeted levels of performance and functionality.

Implementation of Alternate Processing Centers: The Company is equipped with computer centers, as well as the infrastructure for data processing and storage, in order to respond to customers’ business needs.

Special Services

Project Management: The Company is able to develop projects taking into account specific budgets and estimated delivery times.

Database Migrations: The Company provides data migration services for operating systems and databases.

Communications: The Company also specializes in structured cabling services, ethical hacking, implementation of hardware and software systems, preventive and corrective maintenance services, network training and analysis, as well as LAN and WAN infrastructure services, among others.

Virtualization Technology Solutions: The virtualization services are performed on Pseries or Intel servers with AIX with the support of certified personnel that guarantees the design, licensing and implementation of the solution.

Intel virtualization is performed with VMWare, and a great pool of resources which connect the users to the applications and related network and storage computers. This procedure offers higher flexibility, increased efficiency and cost reduction.

Human Resources

The Company is backed by certified personnel with experience in software tools, such as:

• CATE in pSeries and xSeries,
• TSM,
• VMWare,
• PMP.



COMSEL:  Service of Heterogeneous Migration & Renovation of the Technological Platform for the SAP R/3 application. It includes the supply and installation of the IBM pSeries equipment for Production and Internal Control, databases and Q&A.


NATIONAL POLICE: Supply and configuration of an Active-Passive cluster between two (2) IBM p590 servers, using HACMP, connected to an IBM storage network equipped with an IBM DS4800 storage system and TS3310 tape library.


ISAGEN: Supply and installation of the MySAP BUSINESS SUITE computer equipment. Migration of the SAP R/3 4.6 system from the Alpha platform to the AIX platform (IBM). Supply and installation of the IBM DS4400 solution.


Ministry of Defence (SILOG): Supply, installation and management of the computer processing capacity of the logistic system of the Military Forces, based on the MySAP ENTERPRISE SUITE. Configuration of servers, storage systems, tape libraries and IBM SANs in clusters.


Sisa S.A.

  • Autopista Norte, No. 118 30 Oficina 501, Bogota, Colombia
  • +57 1 657 7888
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