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  • Infrastructure, Construction & Civil Engineering
  • Metal Processing, Parts & Components
  • Ships, Vessels, Submarines & related equipment

STECKERL HIERROS Y ACEROS S.A., is a company dedicated to the distribution, wholesale and retail of metallic iron and aluminium both nationally and internationally.

The Company's products are widely used in the civil, naval and mechanical engineering sectors, as well as the architectural sector for the construction of aluminium windows and doors according to customers’ needs.

STECKERL HIERROS Y ACEROS S.A. has a large inventory of products that answer the needs of the general industry, namely hot iron plates, iron sheets, stainless sheets and metal profiles, among others, made of both aluminium and iron.

Thanks to its ongoing effort, dedication and high professionalism, STECKERL HIERROS Y ACEROS S.A. has positioned itself as a leader in the provision of bending, rolling, and punching services and the cutting of metal beams, angles, channels and plates.

STECKERL HIERROS Y ACEROS S.A. has been certified under the ASME and ASTM standards for physical and chemical properties.


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Contact info #1

Carlos Herman Parraga G.
+57 5 385 0707
Commercial Manager Barranquilla Branch
+57 5 367 1777
Km 114 Via Galapa a 3 Km de la Circunvalar de Barranquilla, Colombia

Machining Services

STECKERL HIERROS Y ACEROS S.A. offers high quality machining services that meet the demands of the civil engineering, naval, mechanical and architectural sectors, with the support of appropriate equipment and experienced personnel that is 100% at the customer’s disposal. More specifically, the Company offers:

  • Rolling services on HR, CR, and galvanized stainless steel up to 3 meters,
  • Cutting and punching services for the manufacture of metal angles, plates, channels, and notches,
  • Metal sheet folding services for sheets up to 19mm using CNC machinery,
  • Shear cutting services on HR, CR, galvanized and AISI 304/316 stainless steel and aluminium,
  • Oxyfuel and Plasma cutting services with maximum cut depth 100mm.

Machining Products

STECKERL HIERROS Y ACEROS S.A. offers high quality stainless steel, aluminium and iron products, such as:

  • Sheets: hot-rolled steel sheets, cold rolled steel sheets,  galvanized steel sheets, architectural sheets and U-channels, among others,
  • Beams and profiles,
  • Metal pipes: galvanized steel conduit pipes, electrical metallic tubing (EMT) and steel pipes, among others,
  • Rebars,
  • Welded meshes,
  • Wires: barbed wire, galvanized wire,
  • Rods,
  • Expanded meshes,
  • Metallic structures,
  • Hoist and cranes.

Product informational files

Steckerl Hierros y Aceros S.A.

  • Km 114 Vía Galapa a 3 Km de la Circunvalar de Barranquilla, Barranquilla, Colombia
  • +57 5 385 0707
  • +57 5 367 1777
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