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  • Military, Tactical, Logistic Support Vehicles & related equipment
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DANA TRANSEJES COLOMBIA, is a Colombian company founded in 1972 and located in the industrial area of Girón, Santander. The Company also has facilities in Bogota. DANA TRANSEJES COLOMBIA serves the original equipment market through the assembly and replacement of parts and components mainly for the automotive industry. All this with the participation of the parent company, DANA CORPORATION, the main shareholder, specializing in differential axles.


DANA TRANSEJES COLOMBIA is a private organization dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of parts and systems mainly for the automotive sector. The Company supplies Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and the aftermarket with reliable solutions that efficiently meet the requirements of its customers.

Through innovation, customer orientation and the continuous improvement of processes, the Company seeks to establish its position in the sector, while delivering:

  • Customer satisfaction,
  • Return on investments to shareholders,
  • A safe working environment for its employees,
  • Long-term relationships that guarantee mutual development.


DANA TRANSEJES COLOMBIA is a competitive and reliable world class organization, a leader of its kind in the Andean region that has established its presence thanks to the support of its people and the superior quality of its products and services.


DANA TRANSEJES COLOMBIA meets the needs and expectations of its customers through:

  • The development and motivation of its employees,
  • The efficient use of resources,
  • The elimination of all forms of waste,
  • Innovation and technological change,
  • Regular communication with customers,
  • Compliance with the requirements of international quality management systems,
  • The continuous improvement of processes.

As a means to prevent or eliminate defects in the end products, all personnel involved have permission to terminate all processes so that appropriate actions are taken in a timely manner and that the possible negative impact that these might have on the environment is minimized.


DANA TRANSEJES COLOMBIA is a private organization dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of products and systems that meet the needs of the automotive industry. The Company complies with environmental regulations and applicable legal requirements and monitors the impact end products might have on the surrounding environment.

The organization has as a main responsibility towards its employees the prevention of work-related injuries and diseases, and is actively participating in both private and state initiatives whose mission is to regulate, monitor and support programs related to occupational safety and health.

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Contact info #1

Carlos Andres Gomez
+57 7 646 8288
Sales Coordinator
+57 7 646 7192
Zona industrial de Giron km 7, Giron, Santander, Colombia

Differential Axles

The main purpose of the differential axles is to transmit the force to the wheels of the vehicle by increasing the drivetrain torque.

If the vehicle was only moving in a straight line, there would be no need for differentials axles. The force of the engine and gearbox could be applied directly to the wheels through a geared drive shaft.

But vehicles veer, which means the outer wheel must travel a greater distance than that of the interior wheel. If no differential axle is used, the outer wheel will skid, when trying to keep pace with the interior wheel. It will then be difficult to control the vehicle and the tires will wear out.

Spicer Axles

All Spicer axles are stamped with the production date and part number and are categorized as follows:

  • MODEL 26 - Axles for light vehicles, such as Fiat 131, 2 and 4 door Chevette, D-1500, Polara, Samurai, Suzuki SJ413,
  • MODEL 44 – Axles for Chevrolet Luv 1,600, 2,000, 2,300, 2,600, Mazda 1,600, 2,000, 2,200, 2,600, Mitsubishi 2,400, 2, 600, 3,000, D-100, K-10, C-10, F-150, Ford Bronco Venezuela, L-300, Venezuela, Grand Cherokee, Nissan D-21/22, Trooper, Willys, Jeep CJ5/CJ6, Cheyenne 1500, RAM-1500, Silverado, Econoline 150,
  • MODEL 60 – Axles for Toyota Land Cruiser 3.8 lts., 4.5 lts., Econoline 350, Ford Lariat f150,
  • MODEL 70 – Axles for light trucks and vans, namely Cheyenne C-30, P-30, D-300, F-350, RAM-4000, 3500,
  • MODEL 80 – Axles for Ford E-450, Cheyenne 3500, Ford Super Duty.

Constant Velocity Joints

DANA TRANSEJES COLOMBIA’s constant velocity joints are distributed to renowned automotive OEMs, such as RENAULT, TOYOTA, FORD, HYUNDAI, CHRYSLER, FIAT and CHEVROLET, among others. With a production of over three hundred thousand units, the Company has supplied joints for over 80% of the cars assembled in Colombia and Venezuela and has established a growing presence in Ecuador.


  • High quality forged steel,
  • Micrometric precision,
  • Specialized casings designed for optimum heat dissipation allowing for greater durability and rigidity, as well as environmental conditions protection,
  • Rectified surfaces that reduce friction and wear,
  • Metallic clamps,
  • Special coating for greater resistance to high temperatures.


A gimbal is a pivoted support that allows the rotation of an object about a single axis. The basic function of the gimbal in automotive and industrial equipment is the transmission of force from one point to another in a smooth and continuous way. In vehicles, the gimbal links the gearbox to the differential axle. DANA TRANSEJES COLOMBIA supplies gimbals to the 91% of the vehicles assembled in Colombia and the 50% of the vehicles assembled in Ecuador.


DANA TRANSEJES COLOMBIA, as a subsidiary of the leading automotive companies, DANA CORPORATION and GKN DRIVELINE, is dedicated to the integration of the most advanced technology based on research for the development of innovative solutions for the automotive sector.

The Company is backed by the most appropriate technology and has as a goal the generation of an organizational culture, based on institutional programs and tools developed as the foundation of the organization:

  • Lean Manufacturing,
  • Six Sigma GKN,
  • Strategic Planning.

Lean manufacturing is a management philosophy focused on the reduction of different types of waste, namely overproduction, waiting, transport, overprocessing, inventory, motion and defects in the manufactured products.

Dana Transejes Colombia

  • Calle 32 # 15 23 Zona Industrial Girón Kilómetro 7 Rincón de Girón, Bucaramanga, Colombia
  • +57 7 646 8288
  • +57 7 646 7192
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