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INAGROMECANICA LTDA.,  is a Colombian company founded in 1996 as an answer to the technical needs of the construction industry.

INAGROMECANICA LTDA. offers comprehensive solutions for the handling and storage of bulk materials to the mining, cement, paper, fertilizer, marine and bulk cargo industries. The Company works constantly to improve its processes in order to meet customers’ requirements with high quality and durable solutions.


INAGROMECANICA LTDA. is a provider of reliable solutions through the design, manufacture and installation of equipment for the handling and storage of bulk materials and is committed to meeting the needs of its clients, answering to the demands of today’s market.


INAGROMECANICA LTDA. aims to become a recognized provider of efficient solutions for material handling across Colombia.

INAGROMECANICA LTDA. is specialized in the design, manufacture and commissioning of material handling systems, namely reclaimers, weight hoppers, belt conveyors, enclosed conveyors, bucket elevators, screw conveyors, chain conveyors, dosing and control systems, fixed tripper conveyors, etc.


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Contact info #1

Yesid Quibano
+57 2 664 6268
Commercial Technical Advisor
+57 2 5504 232
Calle 64N # 5BN-146 Oficina 315A Centroempresa Cali, Colombia

Contact info #2

Jaime Cano
+57 2 664 6268
Commercial Manager
+57 2 550 4232
Calle 64N # 5BN-146 Oficina 315A Centroempresa Cali, Colombia

Transport Conveyors

INAGROMECANICA LTDA. designs and manufactures various types of transport conveyors under the CEMA standards and with respect to the environment. More specifically, the Company manufactures:

  • Belt Conveyors.

Ηorizontal and inclined conveyors with belt, charging stations, pulleys, sweepers, etc.:

  • Chain conveyors,
  • Screw type conveyors.

In stainless steel or carbon steel for industrial use and according to customers’ requirements.

Belt conveyors for product handling and packing.

Bucket Elevators

INAGROMECANICA LTDA. designs and manufactures bucket elevators for lifting bulk materials for the mining, food and fertilizer industries. The bucket elevators can be continuous or centrifugal, made of stainless steel or other materials. Such elevators offer great advantages in confined spaces.

Complementary Equipment

INAGROMECANICA LTDA. has developed complimentary equipment under the API and ASME international standards in order to meet the demanding needs of the construction industry.

  • Equipment for the handling of specialized materials,
  • Storage tanks,
  • Hoppers,
  • Silos,
  • Chutes,
  • Industrial scales,
  • Garbage containers,
  • Hydraulic gauges,
  • Diverters for load distribution,
  • Impact tables.

Equipment for the Marine Industry

INAGROMECANICA LTDA. has developed specialized equipment for the loading of bulk cargo at marine terminals, such as equipment for load distribution, weighing equipment, and belt conveyors allowing a fast loading or unloading of materials.

Turnkey Projects

INAGROMECANICA LTDA. is a designer and manufacturer of portable offices and develops turnkey projects with the help of an interdisciplinary group of professionals who are responsible for the mechanical, structural and electrical design required for the proper development of the project.

High Tech Equipment

INAGROMECANICA LTDA. is equipped with advanced equipment for the design and manufacture of transport and storage equipment for bulk materials handling.

  • Bending Machines,
  • Shear Metal Machinery,
  • Cutting Machines,
  • Rolling Machines,
  • MIG and TIG Welding Equipment,
  • Lathing Machines,
  • Milling Machines,
  • Sawing Machines,
  • Hydraulic Presses,
  • Power Threaders.

Inagromecanica Ltda.

  • Carrera 100 No. 16- 20 Ofc. 401 Building Av 100, Cali, Colombia
  • +57 2 664 6268
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