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  • Mechanical, Electro-mechanical, Hydraulic and Pneumatic components
  • Metal Processing, Parts & Components
  • Military, Tactical, Logistic Support Vehicles & related equipment
  • Services (R&D, training, engineering, consultancy, …)

FANAUTO S.A.S., is a company based in Bogota, Colombia. Since 1980, its main area of activity has been the manufacture of automotive spare parts. Over the years, FANAUTO has built a reputation in the metal-mechanic sector mainly for offering high quality automotive parts and customized solutions for several market sectors, including the transportation (railroads), the electrical and the construction sector, among others.

FANAUTO’s products list includes:

  • Noise Suppression Systems/Brake Settings,
  • Brake Hoses,
  • Joints, Couplings and Inner Tie Rods,
  • Stabilizer Bars,
  • Miscellaneous: Bolts, Pedals, Dies, Bushings, Pins,
  • Clamps, etc.


  • FANAUTO is a company widely recognized in the market for its high quality products and services.
  • The Company has the support of highly qualified human resources with experience in the sector.
  • The organization is socially responsible towards its employees, suppliers and customers.
  • The Company focuses on the upgrade of production processes in order to ensure high performance in terms of functionality, design and safety.
  • The know-how is reflected in the Company’s production chain.


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Contact info #1

Juan Carlos Figueredo
+57 1 361 3604
+57 1 361 3604
Cl 15 Sur # 24A - 23, Distrito Capital, Bogota, Colombia

Contact info #2

Julio Anibal Figueredo
+57 1 361 3604
Managing Director or CEO
+57 1 361 3604
Calle 15 sur #24D-23, Bogota, Colombia

Contact info #3

Maryluz Henao
+57 1 361 3604
Assistant Manager
+57 1 361 3604
Calle 15 sur #24D-23, Bogota, Colombia

Inner Tie Rod - Tie Rod End

This component is located in the suspension system of the vehicle and its purpose is to transmit the movement from the steering wheel to the tyres. The quality of this component is very important as on it depends the durability of the part. It is considered a safety component and it is located inside a special cover that provides resistance to wearing.

Brake Hoses

The brake hose is located in the hydraulic system of the vehicle, just before the brake calliper and its function is to channel the hydraulic brake fluid through the different tubes.

Stabilizer Links

The stabilizer link is part of the suspension system between the chassis and the stabilizer bar. This component must have the capability to transmit the movement to the chassis when the vehicle is in movement.

Anti-Rattle Springs

The function of the anti-rattle spring is to reduce the vibration and the noise resulting from the friction generated between the brake shoe and the brake pad. These springs need to undergo a thermal treatment in order to maintain their shape and withstand the heat generated in the braking system.

Hot Stamping Process

FANAUTO S.A.S. manufactures components through hot stamping using press friction machines of up to 120 tons. All tools the Company possesses are made "in house" with high quality materials and the experience of 30 years in the sector. FANAUTO S.A.S. can assist customers in the development of solutions through this process.

C.N.C. Machining

FANAUTO S.A.S.’ CNC technology ensures the dimensional stability of the pieces that are produced under this process.

EDM Machining

Fast and high precision machinery for the manufacture of tooling dies in any shape and material.

Punching & Stamping

FANAUTO S.A.S. punching and stamping machinery can process up to 120 tons of metals.

Other Capabilities

MIG & SPOT welding, different types of machining processes, hydraulic presses, drilling machinery, etc.

Fanauto S.A.S

  • Calle 15 SUR #24D 23, Bogota, Colombia
  • +57 1 361 3604
  • +57 1 361 3604
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