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PROINDUL LTDA., is a Colombian waste treatment company with 30 years of experience in the manufacture, supply and installation of incinerators, crematoria, and emission control equipment for solid, liquid and gas waste for the residential, industrial, hospital and funeral sectors.

Environmental issues have been a response to human conflict. To balance these concerns, PROINDUL LTDA.’s incinerators and crematoria are improving the standard of living in various regions of Colombia and mainly in cities that need proper solid, liquid and gas waste management.

PROINDUL LTDA. has developed a specialized software for process simulation, specifically focused on incineration that permits process variable and hardware updates in compliance with environmental legislation.

The Company has been certified under various certifications, thus meeting the national and international requirements providing confidence, consistency and credibility to its customers, partners and suppliers. PROINDUL LTDA. is certified under ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18000 certifications for Quality Management.


Contact info #1

Fabio Ramon
+571 434 3728
General Manager
+571 434 4409
Transversal 93 # 65 a 43, Alamos, Bogota, Colombia

Contact info #2

Felipe Ramon Garcia Herreros
+57 1 434 3728
Public Relations Coordinator
+57 1 434 4409
Transversal 93 # 65 a 43, Alamos, Bogota, Colombia

After Sales Services

PROINDUL LTDA. is offering:

• Preventive and corrective maintenance services,
• Specialized training services,
• Equipment upgrades,
• Equipment operations,
• Specialized audits and consulting services.

Waste Treatment Equipment

PROINDUL LTDA. manufactures:

• Incinerators for all kinds of waste,
• Auxiliary equipment for incineration plants,
• Crematoria,
• Auxiliary equipment for crematoria,
• Needle destroyers,
• Emissions control equipment.

Qualified Professionals

PROINDUL LTDA. is equipped with competent professionals, able to ensure fault and process risk prevention and increase efficiency in compliance with environmental requirements.



PROINDUL LTDA.’s waste treatment guarantees environmental protection based on process simulation. To achieve this, the Company has developed over 300 projects with national and international clients, such as:

• Cerrejon,
• Ecopetrol,
• Pacific Rubiales,
• Banco Mundial.



Proindul Ltda.

  • Conjunto Portos Sabana 80, Parque Industrial, Bodega # 80, Bogota, Colombia
  • +57 1 8767084
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