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ENERGIZAR AVIACION, is a Colombian company dedicated to the distribution and supply of aviation fuel in the country. The Company's 30 years of experience, together with state of the art technology have allowed it to consolidate its presence in the aviation market.

ENERGIZAR AVIACION recognized the great responsibility that was laid upon its shoulders and is committed to offering high quality services to its clients.

The Company is equipped with plants in different regions of the country, in order to meet the demanding needs of its clients for constant fuel availability, ensuring complete reliability in each process.


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Contact info #1

John Tabares
+57 1 429 5494
Marketing Manager
+57 1 429 5302
Cra 69 No 25b - 44 Of. 1001c, Bogota, Colombia

AVGAS 100/130 Octane

ENERGIZAR AVIACION is a distributor and supplier of AVGAS 100/130 fuel, a result of the chemical compounds released during the catalytic alkylation process.

AVGAS 100/130 is designed to be used in aircraft with internal combustion engines and is classified as a Class IA flammable liquid, according to the NFPA - National Fire Protection Association.

For the storage of AVGAS 100/130 fuel, the NFPA - National Fire Protection Association standards for storage and fire protection, the API - American Petroleum Institute and the Ministry of Mines and Energy regulations need be taken into account.


JET A1 is a turbine-powered airplane and jet fuel, a middle distillate released from the atmospheric distillation of crude oil, which is chemically treated to remove sulfur compounds, such as mercaptans and sulfides that cause corrosion.

JET A1 is classified as a Class II combustible liquid, according to the NFPA - National Fire Protection Association, something that requires storage tanks, pipelines and filling stations to be designed accordingly.

Fleet of Refuellers

ENERGIZAR AVIACION has currently 17 supply stations for JET A1 and AVGAS 100/130 fuel distribution and a large fleet of refuellers that are able to supply the Company’s fuel stations across the country, meeting all the technical specifications for fuel handling and transport

Committed Personnel

ENERGIZAR AVIACION employs a qualified and committed team of professionals in fuel management, ensuring a constant pursuit of excellence and development in the region

National Clients

Among ENERGIZAR AVIACION’s most distinguished Colombian clients are:


• Academia Antioqueña de Aviación,
• Acahel,
• Adevia,
• A.D.A.,
• Agencia Logística de las Fuerzas Militates,
• Aerial Sing,
• Aeroandes,
• Aerocapital Ltda.,
• Aerocharter Andina S.A.,
• Aeroclub de Colombia,
• Aeroejecutivos de Antioquia,
• Aero Express X,
• Aeroclub Los Halcones,
• Aeroclub del Pacífico,
• Aeroexpreso del Pacífico S.A.,
• Aerofull Ltda.,
• Aerolínea del Caribe S.A.,
• Aerossuport,
• Aerosucre,
• Aerotaxi,
• Aires,
• Arall Ltda.,
• A.T.G S.A.S.,
• Avalon Fuel Ltda.,
• Avalon Unión Temporal,
• Aviacol Ltda.,
• Avianca,
• Aviheco S.A.,
• Aviopartes,
• Cabal Hurtado Eduardo,
• Central Charter de Colombia,
• Charter del Caribe,
• Condor,
• Combustibles y Transportes Hernandez,
• Colvanes S.A.S.,
• CV Cargo,
• Delta Helicópteros,
• Distribuidora Vanguardia,
• Easy Fly,
• Elosar Gustavo,
• Escatec Ltda.,
• Escuela de Aviación del Pacífico,
• Faster Fuel,
• Fiba Ltda.,
• Fiscalía General de la Nación,
• Forero Francisco,
• Fuerza Aérea Colombiana,
• Fuel Service,
• G.S. Servicios Aéreos Ltda.,
• Globe Air Fuel Ltda.,
• Gómez Jesús,
• Grupo Pichuchu,
• Harinera del Valle,
• Heliav S.A.S.,
• Helicol S.A.S.,
• Heligolfo S.A.
• Helistar,
• Helifly Ltda.,
• Heliservice,
• Helitec Colombia,
• Horizontal de Aviación,
• Icaro Diecisiete Ltda.,
• Ingeniería de Vías S.A.,
• Ingeominas,
• Inversiones JVC y Cía. Ltda.,
• Ivieta,
• Jaramillo Mejia Bernardo,
• La Cacica,
• La Ocxi,
• Londoño Alfredo,
• Medicair S.A.S.,
• Mediautos S.A.S.,
• Ministerio de Defensa Nacional - Armada Nacional,
• Ministerio de Defensa Nacional - Ejercito Nacional,
• Nacional de Aviación,
• Organizacion Terpel S.A.,
• Orozco Victor,
• Patrulla Aérea del Choco,
• Prolub S.A.,
• Policía Nacional Dirección de Antinarcóticos,
• Protécnica Ltda.,
• Río Sur S.A.,
• S.A.A.C S.A.S.,
• Sadi,
• Sadelca,
• Sarpa,
• Sasa S.A.,
• Satena,
• Saviare,
• Searca S.A.,
• Selva Ltda.,
• Servicios Aéreos y de Turismo de la Costa,
• Sicher,
• Sky Hub aviation S.A.S.,
• Talleres Aeronáuticos,
• Tovar Álvaro,
• Tiara Air,
• Taxi Aéreo Caribeño Ltda.,
• Transporte Aéreo de Colombia,
• Tecniáreas de Colombia Ltda.,
• Valencia Luís Fernando,
• Viana.


International Clients

Among ENERGIZAR AVIACION’s most prominent international clients are:


• Aviaservice International,
• Cubana de Aviación,
• Jyd Oilfield International,
• Spirit,
• Universal Weatherand Aviation,
• Venetian Air Corp. Inc.,
• World Fuel Service,
• Z.Y.P. Construction Co.


Energizar Aviacion

  • Cra 69 No 25b 44 Of. 1001c, Bogota, Colombia
  • +57 1 429 5494 
  • +57 1 429 5302 
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