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MVM LTDA., is a Colombian company founded in 1985 that deals with the design and manufacture of equipment and machinery for the automotive and metallurgy industry. MVM LTDA. manufactures camshaft bearings, engine valve guides, sintered auto parts, self-lubricating bushings for the automotive and general industry, made of materials such as bronze, diluted bronze, brass, graphite iron, alloy steels and stainless steels.

MVM LTDA. is committed to a continuous improvement of its products and has extended its activities to the competitive export markets of the U.S., Venezuela, Mexico and Ecuador.


MVM LTDA. produces camshafts, valve guides for internal combustion engines and sintered parts for the domestic and international market under technical customer specifications, using advanced technology in order to ensure excellent product quality.


MVM LTDA.’s vision is to establish itself in the automotive and metallurgy industry nationally and internationally and to promote productivity, taking into consideration the market’s requirements in terms of price and quality at the same time.


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  • Profitability.


Contact info #1

Adriana Gonzalez Pulgarin
+57 2 681 5030 +57 2 663 2053
General Manager
+57 2 663 2082
Calle 69 No. 7E bis 61, Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia

Camshaft Bearings

MVM LTDA. manufactures camshaft bearings made of 1010 steel on the outside and babbitt metal on the inside, produced under SAE-J835 international manufacturing standards. More specifically, the company manufactures bimetallic bearings and babbitt linings that allow dirt and solid particles to be suspended in the engine oil. Babbitt linings can also withstand high loads and provide conformability.

Flexible production schedules and fast set up times allow the company to manufacture bearings with special features such as oversized OD, semi finished ID bearings or any other bearings on client’s demand.

Engine Valve Guides

MVM LTDA.’s engine valve guides are produced under SAE-J1682 international manufacturing standards. The raw material used to manufacture the valve guides is gray iron class 40. This material is carefully selected so as to have excellent thermal transmission and wear resistance.

All surface areas provide inside and outside diameter concentricity, resulting in a wall variation of only ± 0.0003".

MVM LTDA´s flexible production system allows the company to manufacture small quantities of guides with short lead times.

Cylinder Sleeves

MVM LTDA. manufactures cylinder sleeves for diesel and gasoline engines, produced by centrifugal casting process. MVM LTDA.´s flexible production system allows the company to manufacture small quantities of sleeves with short lead times. All surface areas provide inside and outside diameter concentricity, resulting in a wall variation of 0.006" and a maximum cone of 0.0005".

Machinery & Tool Manufacture

MVM LTDA. is also specialized in engine building machinery and tools. In fact, the company can manufacture the following machinery:

MERL-5000: MERL-5000 provides quick and easy cylinder sleeve removal and replacement and does not require block repositioning.

CBM1600 Rod Heater: CBM - 1600 is an electric rod heater for easy piston installation that doesn’t damage the piston or the connecting rod.

Camshaft Bearing Installation Tool - HPMB: Camshaft bearing installation tool HPMB has three expandable mandrels that allow easy and quick camshaft bearing installation in any engine. This tool prevents bearings from getting distorted.

Sintered Parts & Filters

MVM LTDA. manufactures sintered parts, such as self-lubricating bushings, sintered mechanical parts, sintered filters and self-lubricating bars. MVM LTDA. can provide appropriate mechanical solutions by producing high precision sintered parts in medium or high volume series.

Specialized Machinery

MVM LTDA. is equipped with advanced machinery, such as:

  • HAYES 1 - for sintering processing,
  • KUX Machine for powder compaction,
  • ST Machine for powder compaction,
  • PHP1 Hydraulic press for powder compaction,
  • ST10 Press for powder compaction,
  • ST9 Press,
  • IMPACE I Vacuum,
  • PRINTING Vacuum,
  • MEZPOL for metal powder mixing,
  • VIBRA for metal polishing,
  • MR1 for surface marking.

MVM LTDA. uses mechanical aptitude tests for the development of new processes and equipment.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback given to a company is an important resource for improving and addressing the needs and wants of the customer. For that reason, MVM LTDA. provides customer feedback on product handling when necessary.

Experienced Personnel

MVM LTDA. benefits from the many advantages of having a qualified workforce in terms of product development and work efficiency. The personnel in administrative and management areas such as production, maintenance and quality control are highly trained, meeting the requirements of the metallurgy industry at all times.

MVM Ltda.

  • Calle 69 No. 7E bis 61, Valle del Cauca, Cali, Colombia
  • +57 317 505 0719
  • +57 2 663 2082 
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