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  • Mechanical, Electro-mechanical, Hydraulic and Pneumatic components
  • Military, Tactical, Logistic Support Vehicles & related equipment
  • Services (R&D, training, engineering, consultancy, …)

DISTRECOL S.A.S., is a Colombian company located in Bogota, dedicated to the production and marketing of replacement parts for motor vehicles, as well as metal and rubber spare parts. Using the latest technology, continuous training and research and development (R&D) processes, the Company managed to become a leader in the domestic market and have a significant market share in neighboring countries, such as Venezuela, Ecuador and Panama.


The efficient and effective manufacture and marketing of high quality rubber/metallic pieces, for the automotive industry and specifically the spare/replacement parts market.

The Company aims to lead the related market through:

  • The continuous growth of its portfolio of products.
  • The fulfillment of the requirements of its clients.
  • The contribution to the growth and development of its business partners.
  • The successful long-term relationship with its suppliers.
  • The generation of adequate profitability for its investors.
  • A framework of ethics and social responsibility.


DISTRECOL S.A.S. aims to consolidate itself as one of the most recognizable producers of rubber/metallic components for the automotive industry and the spare/replacement parts market in the Andean region.


DISTRECOL S.A.S.’s quality policy consists in the satisfaction of its clients’ needs through the continuous improvement of processes, the manufacture and marketing of optimum quality spares parts for the automotive industry and the constant growth of its portfolio of products, meeting the expectations of its investors and business partners.

Contact info #1

Maria Victoria Casteblanco Pinzon
+57 1 346 4346 +57 1 249 2935
Legal Representative / General Manager
+57 1 346 4346 +57 1 249 2935
Calle 63D BIS # 26-20, Bogota D.C., Colombia

Contact info #2

Luis Carlos Castelblanco
+57 1 201 1285 +57 1 201 0784
Design Manager / Technical Director
+57 1 201 1285 +57 1 201 0784
Calle 63D BIS # 26-20, Bogota D.C., Colombia

Contact info #3

Geraldo Castelblanco
+57 1 346 4346 +57 1 249 2935
Commercial Manager
+57 1 346 4346 +57 1 249 2935
Calle 63D BIS # 26-20, Bogota D.C., Colombia

Contact info #4

Felipe Cortes
+57 310 268 6492
Calle 63D BIS # 26-20, Bogota D.C., Colombia

CNC Plasma Cutting Services

DISTRECOL S.A.S. provides plasma cutting services and is equipped with a plasma cutting CNC machinery for cutting steel up to 19mm thick.

Stamping & Printing Services

DISTRECOL S.A.S. provides stamping and printing services and is equipped with machinery for steel metal punching and stamping, hydraulic deep drawing presses and hydraulic shears for cutting metals up to 4mm thick.

Automotive Spare Parts

DISTRECOL S.A.S. manufactures parts, such as:

  • Shock absorbers (front and rear),
  • Suspension arms (front and rear),
  • Dampers,
  • Front suspension bushings,
  • Strut mounts,
  • Support cushions,
  • Rubber bushings,
  • Tie rods,
  • Shaft bearings for different car brands among which are Mazda, Nissan, Renault, Toyota, Chevrolet, Fiat, Ford, Hyundai and Mitsubishi.

Other Products & Spare Parts

DISTRECOL S.A.S. can manufacture spring riders, spare parts, such as load support parts, as well as tools, such as scissors, etc. The company can also manufacture steel dies and molds and has the necessary machinery for plastic injection molding, vulcanized rubber molding, manufacturing of sheet metal dies and deep drawing dies.

Advanced Equipment

DISTRECOL S.A.S. is equipped with a wide variety of machinery and tools that facilitate the manufacturing process, such as stamping and hydraulic presses, rubber vulcanizing presses, lathes, threading machines, CNC, milling and turning machines, welding and painting, grinding machinery etc.

High Level of Experience

DISTRECOL S.A.S. has a high level of experience and recognition in the automotive industry, in the manufacture and sale of spare parts.

The Company employs highly experienced engineers in different areas (mechanical engineering, business administration and systems engineering), most of whom have received basic education and training in the handling of the various tools and equipment.


DISTRECOL S.A.S. supplies spare parts to major OEMs, of the brands:

• Mazda,
• Nissan,
• Renault,
• Toyota,
• Chevrolet,
• Fiat,
• Ford,
• Hyundai and,
• Mitsubishi.


Distrecol S.A.S. - Distribuidora de Repuestos Colombianos

  • Calle 11a #33-33, Bogota, Colombia
  • (+57) 1 201-1285 , (+57) 1 201-0784
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