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Security Systems Co. (SSC), was founded in 1992 to bring automation and integrated security systems and solutions to the market in Kuwait. The company has expanded since 1992 to become a leader in these fields.

In 1992, Security Systems Co. established the first 24hrs monitoring and control station, to monitor intrusion alarm and building management systems and also to provide round the clock support and response team facilities to its clients.

In 2002, Security Systems Co. entered in a joint venture partnership with Pacific Controls LLC of Dubai with comprehensive experience in industrial, commercial and residential automation.

The company's knowledge and expertise and investment in people are continuously being applied to create modern automation and security integration solutions in home and industrial and commercial projects.

Security Systems Co.

  • Ardiah Warehousing Area, Block 1, Plot 93, Kuwait, Kuwait
  • +965 2 433 1100
  • +965 2 433 1122
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