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Comtec, since 1985 has been involved in large and complex security engineering projects in Kuwait and has gathered an invaluable experience of the land, the climate, the people, their habits and expectations. The company has an excellent reputation for seriousness and quality of work. It specializes in high-end Security Systems mainly for the Government and the Oil Industry.

Comtec Systems is one of the very few companies in Kuwait who is really capable and competent for the development of large security projects. It masters the techniques for the building of network and complex systems in a way to make it simple for the user.

Comtec studies and delivers all elements of the Integrated System including Engineering, Cabling, Installation, Documentation, Training and Maintenance.

Company's vision is that a good security system MUST always consider 3 key elements:

  • A sound engineering design with performing and reliable components.
  • An efficient user training with regular rehearsal and refreshment course as well as a permanent on the job support organization.
  • A first class, proven maintenance system.


Comtec Systems

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