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TECNISERVICIO SUPERIOR S.A.S., is a Colombian company specialized in repairing vehicle bodywork and interiors. The company is SUPERIOR’s and MARCOPOLO’s authorized after sales workshop for the maintenance and repair of their vehicles, as well as other companies and major insurers.

TECNISERVICIO SUPERIOR S.A.S., has an extensive experience and knowledge of the coach building industry and respects engineering standards, providing quality and design services. More specifically, the company provides painting, electrical, fiberglass, upholstery, glass and vehicle interior repair services and is equipped with a large stock of spare parts and a full complement of tools to ensure the quality repairs. 


TECNISERVICIO SUPERIOR S.A.S., is dedicated to providing a comprehensive portfolio of high quality services, meeting customers’ expectations and focusing its efforts and resources on:

  • Resolving customer needs,
  • Offering the best quality solutions,
  • Providing customers with a suitable working environment for professional and personal development,
  • Ensuring a long-term client–company relationship with mutual benefits,
  • Ensuring returns on investment.


TECNISERVICIO SUPERIOR S.A.S.’s vision is to become a leading service center specialized in the coach building and passenger transport sectors nationally. The company aims to be identified nationally as a leader in providing comprehensive, innovative and technically superior services.


  • Honesty,
  • Compliance,
  • Responsibility,
  • Respect for nature.


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Contact info #1

German Alvarez B.
+57 1 571 5633/44
General Manager
+57 1 571 5655
Calle 21 A. No. 70-29, Bogota, Colombia

Contact info #2

Diana Soraya Ramirez
+57 1 571 5633/44
Assistant Manager
+57 1 571 5655
Calle 21 A. No. 70-29, Bogota, Colombia

Contact info #3

Dario Ariza
+57 1 571 5633/44
Store Manager
+57 1 571 5655
Calle 21 A. No. 70-29, Bogota, Colombia

Tinsmith Services

TECNISERVICIO SUPERIOR S.A.S. is equipped with the necessary equipment for chassis and structure alignments as well as for aluminum sheets installations. The company has measuring equipment so as to ensure optimum auto body repair and can also perform MIG, electrical, special and autogenous welding services.

Vehicle Interior Repair Services

TECNISERVICIO SUPERIOR S.A.S. can provide vehicle interior repair services, such as:

  • Interior ceilings and panels changing,
  • Cabin manufacturing,
  • Upholstery and wood floor changing,
  • Bathroom repairs,
  • Door booster maintenance, and
  • Bathroom unloading.

Painting Services

TECNISERVICIO SUPERIOR S.A.S. offers painting services using a wide variety of polyurethane paints. The company has dedicated an extensive area for paint application, is equipped with two extractors and uses major paint brands so as to deal with any painting request.

Electrical Services

TECNISERVICIO SUPERIOR S.A.S. offers electrical services, such as sales and installation of audio and video accessories, boomerang antennas, liquidizers, or any types of lights. The company is also able to install routers, electronic registers, or special assemblies and to offer electric vehicle repair services.

Fiberglass Services

TECNISERVICIO SUPERIOR S.A.S. has the ability to manufacture and repair fiberglass parts as well as bus fronts and roofs for the aforementioned bus models and other models on request.

Upholstery Services

TECNISERVICIO SUPERIOR S.A.S. sales and repairs bus chairs of any type and design, so as to satisfy the urban or inter-city bus market.

Glass Services

TECNISERVICIO SUPERIOR S.A.S. can supply and install all types of laminated or safety glass. The company manufactures and supplies window frames, profile frames, sliding door frames, plush changing and can also provide window waterproofing services.

Spare Parts

TECNISERVICIO SUPERIOR S.A.S. is providing a large stock of original MARCOPOLO and SUPERIOR spare parts for the following vehicle models, including delivery all around the country:

  • Temple,
  • Senior,
  • Andare,
  • Paradiso,
  • Viale e Ideale.

Specialized Personnel

TECNISERVICIO SUPERIOR S.A.S. benefits from the many advantages of having a highly skilled workforce, such as trained technicians, system administrators, engineers, managers, as well as other professionals in different areas of the business - production, maintenance and quality control - underlining the importance of creativity at the same time.

Advanced Machinery

TECNISERVICIO SUPERIOR S.A.S. is equipped with machinery of the latest technology such as straightening, painting, welding and assembly equipment.


TECNISERVICIO SUPERIOR S.A.S.’s most prοminent clients are:


  • Nissan,
  • Superpolo,
  • Liberty Seguros,
  • Suramericana de Seguros,
  • Seguros del Estado,
  • Promotora Universo,
  • Rápido Pensilvania,
  • Flota Usaquén,
  • Flota Chia,
  • Ucolbus,
  • Buses Blancos,
  • Sistema Express,
  • Sidauto,
  • Cititrans,
  • Sotrandes,
  • Etma,
  • Metrobús,
  • Copetran,
  • Coomotor,
  • Cootranshuila,
  • Berlinas,
  • Omega,
  • Flota Santa Fe,
  • Coomotor Florencia,
  • Expreso Brasilia,
  • Coflonorte,
  • Concordé,
  • Autofusa,
  • Macarena,
  • Magdalena,
  • Celitrans,
  • Rápido Duitama,
  • Rápido Ochoa,
  • Transportes Valvanera,
  • Colegio San Mateo,
  • Colegio Nueva Granada,
  • Colegio Cervantes,
  • Colegio San Carlos,
  • Colegio Montessori,
  • Colegio de la Salle,
  • Transportes Loyola,
  • Transportes Isgo,
  • Flota Sugamuxi,
  • Cootrascenorte,
  • Empresa Arauca,
  • Ciudad Móvil,
  • Celitrans Renetur,
  • Transcables.


Tecniservicio Superior S.A.S.

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