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  • Electrical, Electronics & Electro-optics
  • Services (R&D, training, engineering, consultancy, …)

WPD INGENIERIA LTDA., specializes in the provision of design, assembly and maintenance services to the oil & gas, water & wastewater sectors and the general manufacturing industry as well.

WPD INGENIERIA LTDA. provides electric and electronic engineering services mainly on industrial installations, namely, preventive and corrective maintenance and process automation services on electric and electronic equipment and machinery.


WPD INGENIERIA LTDA. is a company dedicated to the provision of electro-mechanical solutions, in the areas of industrial maintenance, assembly and process automation with a high sense of responsibility, commitment and honesty towards its clients.


The Company seeks to become a well-known and respected engineering solutions provider with a strong presence in the local market, offering a broad range of high quality services and innovative solutions.


WPD INGENIERIA LTDA. is focusing on meeting customer and employee needs, by improving processes, as well as strengthening human talent and physical resources.


Contact info #1

Ricardo Ali Gale
+57 5 667 6904
Project Engineer
Tr. 51 29 E-72, Cartagena, Bolivar, Colombia

Contact info #2

William Perez Herrera
+57 5 667 6904
Project Engineer
Tr. 51 29 E-72, Cartagena, Bolivar, Colombia

Contact info #3

Luis Fernando Perez
+57 5 667 6904
Managing Director
Insert Number

Contact info #4

William Rafael Perez Dominguez
Cell Phone: +57 313 440 7100
General Manager
Tr. 51 29 E-72, Cartagena, Bolivar, Colombia

Industrial Electrical Services

WPD INGENIERIA LTDA. specializes in the provision of electrical design, assembly and maintenance services, namely: • Machinery design and automation, • Wiring, conduit tubes and cable trays assembly, • Communication cabling design and assembly, • Capacitor bank design and assembly, • Substations assembly and maintenance, • Perimeter lighting design and installation, • Transformers assembly and installation, • PLC and touch-screen display programming, • Supervision and execution of projects, • Industrial instrumentation services, • Industrial automation services, • Digitalization and plan mapping services.

Equipment Supply

WPD INGENIERIA LTDA. is a supplier of electro-mechanical industrial equipment, namely, motors, drives, electrical panels, PLC and HMI software, cables, pipes, electrical trays, instrumentation, etc.

Experienced Engineering Team

WPD INGENIERIA LTDA. involves a team of competent and dedicated professionals in the field of engineering, that are capable of achieving customer satisfaction through first-class products and services.


WPD INGENIERIA LTDA. is distributing its services to a network of distinguished companies, among which are:


  • Tenaris Tubo Caribe,
  • Ajover S.A.,
  • Greif de Colombia,
  • Polibol S.A.S.,
  • Extrusa-Pack,
  • Nourelle Colombia E.U.,
  • Zona Franca Dexton S.A.,
  • Lamitech S.A.,
  • Cellux  de Colombia S.A.,
  • Corporación Plástica S.A.,
  • Packfilm LTDA.,
  • Bavaria S.A.,
  • Opp Film S.A.,
  • Brueckner Colombia S.A.S.,
  • Malteria Tropical S.A.


WPD Ingenieria Ltda.

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