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CGH INGENIERIA & SOLUCIONES S.A.S., is a technology-based Company located in the city of Villavicencio and engaged in the development and integration of customized hardware and software. CGH INGENIERIA & SOLUCIONES wants to be a means of employment in the region. Besides offering consulting services to its customers, the Company provides comprehensive services ranging from the installation of electronic boards to the development of customized products.

Furthermore, the Company specialises in the design, manufacture and modernization of equipment, the mechanization and automation of industrial processes and the design of innovative advertising media, alternative energy systems and intelligent systems for hotels, businesses and homes. The organization aims to cover different demands in the field of electronics and systems engineering.


CGH INGENIERIA & SOLUCIONES is an organization that supports the development of the region of Orinoco, offering advanced engineering solutions that can provide comfort and safety to the community. Its main organizational objective is to cover effectively the different needs and demands of the region offering user-friendly and high quality services to its customers.


By the next years, CGH INGENIERIA & SOLUCIONES aims to be a leading company in the region in terms of technology and innovative solutions, expanding its services to different areas and being recognized as an organization dedicated to the research and development of new technologies. CGH INGENIERIA & SOLUCIONES’ portfolio consists of products and services that seek to create market differentiation:

  • Printed circuit boards,
  • Augmented reality environments,
  • Holographic systems,
  • Open-circuit television (OCTV) surveillance,
  • Closed circuit television systems,
  • Spy surveillance systems,
  • Satellite tracking systems,
  • Access control systems,
  • Sensors and alarms systems,
  • Sale of computers and networking equipment,
  • Installation of industrial networks,
  • Automation services.
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Contact info #1

German Londono Paez
+57 8 673 4112
Manager / Chief Hardware Developer
Cr 28 46 57, La Grama, Villavicencio, Colombia

Contact info #2

Hugo Andres Mogollon Parra
+57 8 673 4112
Head of R&D Department
Cr 28 46 57, La Grama, Villavicencio, Colombia

Contact info #3

Cesar Jose Cote Rozo
+57 8 673 4112
Chief Software Developer
Cr 28 46 57, La Grama, Villavicencio, Colombia

Contact info #4

Laura Viviana Melo Arenas
+57 8 673 4112
Department of Coordination with Other Sciences
Cr 28 46 57, La Grama, Villavicencio, Colombia

Manufacture of Electronic Boards

CGH INGENIERIA & SOLUCIONES S.A.S. specialises in the design, development and manufacture of electronic cards for different applications, namely electronic boards with surface mount components and double-layer boards.

Manufacture of Prototypes

CGH INGENIERIA & SOLUCIONES S.A.S. designs and develops prototypes for different applications, using materials, such as wood, acrylic, ABS, PLA, etc. and processes such as CNC machining and 3D printing. In the process it is included the assembly, manufacture of electronics and quality testing of the prototype.

Development of Complex Projects

CGH INGENIERIA & SOLUCIONES S.A.S. specialises in the development of complex projects, such as the manufacture of revolving door entrances and their respective access control systems.

Research & Development Services

The Company offers research and development services related to electronic systems engineering.

Development Boards

CGH INGENIERIA & SOLUCIONES S.A.S. specialises in the development of boards based on the PIC18F4550 microcontroller. The boards are divided into two parts, a CPU and an output board.
The CPU board has the following features:

  • 6 digital outputs,
  • 8 digital inputs,
  • 3 analog inputs,
  • 1 USB port for firmware configuration,
  • Output of 12 VDC,
  • Output of 5 VDC,
  • 1 serial output on an LCD 2x16 screen,
  • 1 digital output (alarm), +12 VDC.

There are two interchangeable output boards that could be connected to the CPU board. One output is designed for controlling DC loads, as well as digital signals. The other output is designed to control low-power DC loads and medium-power AC loads and digital signals. Similarly, other boards can be designed according to customers’ specific needs.

Sound Activated Switch

The sound-activated switch is based on the PIC12F508 microcontroller, which through an electret microphone captures the sound and activates an output solid relay, able to withstand loads up to 1 KVA AC. It can also be modified to support CC loads. The switch consists of 2 boards, the power supply and the switch itself.

Augmented Reality Solutions

CGH INGENIERIA & SOLUCIONES S.A.S. specialises in high quality augmented reality solutions mainly for advertising and educational purposes. Augmented reality images provide a high technology solution to customers that aim for interactive advertising.

3D Holographic Solutions

CGH INGENIERIA & SOLUCIONES S.A.S. offers high quality 3D holographic solutions for educational purposes that provide a more attractive and interactive way to educate students. The Company has the ability to develop holographic projections of up to 8 different angles.


CGH INGENIERIA & SOLUCIONES S.A.S. is equipped with advanced CNC machinery for the manufacture of prototypes in different materials, such as wood, acrylic, glass and soft metals, among others. Additionally, the Company has the ability to manufacture parts through 3D printing technology with the following dimensions: 50 cm x 50 cm x 50 cm.


COFREM - Access Control Revolving Door: Access control system with a bar code reader, which gives access to a restricted area. The bar code reader sends information to the computer and a Java application enables the revolving door to open.


Agua Pura Sikuani - Vending Machine Control System: Εlectronic control board for a cold drinks vending machine based on the PIC18F4550 microcontroller. The system controls the LED lighting, the sensors, the electronic fare payment and a 2x16 LCD screen.


Universidad de los Llanos - Agriculture Degree Program - Electronic Board: An electronic board based on a PIC 16F628 microcontroller that controls an air pump, displays information on a 2x16 LED screen and buttons for firmware programming.


Center for Animal Reproduction - Cria Corpoica – Veterinary Analyzer: A prototype with an optical lens that offers 20x magnification allowing to visualize the samples more easily.


C.G.H. Ingenieria & Soluciones S.A.S.

  • Carrera 19C # 19-20 Cantarrana 1, Villavicencio, Colombia
  • +57 8 673 6925 / 3504944936
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