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MOBILECORP, is a Colombian company located in the city of Villavicencio and dedicated to the design and development of mobile applications with creativity and functionality.


MOBILECORP’s mission is to provide reliable and professional software applications for mobile and desktop platforms i.e. geo-location systems and order placing applications fulfilling the business requirements of their customers.


By the next years, MOBILECORP aims to maintain its strong reputation of delivering high quality solutions to its clients and its position as a leader in the region in the production of mobile applications that reduce costs and/or increase revenue satisfying the customers’ business and personal needs.

Contact info #1

Jerson Eduardo Pabon Mora
+57 8 682 3630
General Manager
Carrera 28 No. 46 – 59 La Grama, Villavicencio, Meta, Colombia

Contact info #2

Gerson Montenegro Lizarazo
+57 8 682 3630
Programming Manager
Carrera 28 No. 46 – 59 La Grama, Villavicencio, Meta, Colombia

Software Development

MOBILECORP can design and develop mobile and web applications using programming languages, such as ActionScrip 3, Javascript, HTML5, PHP, flex builder and flash player.


DetectarGPS is an advanced geolocation solution for speed monitoring and the satellite tracking of vehicles and individuals.

The system offers:

  • Real time 24 hour monitoring with the help of an integrated GPS system,
  • Access to the collected data through any terminal with internet access,
  • Zones of interest,
  • Generation of reports and history browsing:

• Speed records,
• Panic button reports,
• Reports on variables configured by the client.

  • Route planning.

Product informational files

Pedidos TAT - Order Placing Application

More than 20,000 orders have successfully been placed with the help of this order placing application. Pedidos-TAT comes in three versions:

  • Pedidos-TAT for Managers: for organizing managerial information, marketing strategies, inventories, new orders,
  • Pedidos-TAT for Sales Coordinators: for route planning, file keeping,
  • Pedidos-TAT for Marketers: for order placing, file keeping and managing customer relations.

Product informational files

Clients & Projects

PEDIDOS TAT - GELANOVA & CIA: Development of a software for order management and online billing consisting of a mobile application that can send and receive data between a Tablet with a GSM network and a database, as well as a web mapping application connected to the database that can display the list of orders and generate data reports for analysis and sales tracking.


PROINAGRO DEL LLANO S.A.: Development of a monitoring software for property georeferencing and queries.


FUNDACIÓN MISIÓN VIDA: Development of software consisting of a web application for students’ registry and class attendance and a mobile application for Smartphones for statistics viewing.


UNIÓN TEMPORAL CARACTERIZACIÓN EMPRESARIAL: Development, implementation and management of web and mobile information systems for tablets.


PARQUESOFT META: Design and implementation of a tracking and monitoring software for the municipality of San José del Guaviare.


Mobilecorp S.A.S.

  • Carrera 41 No. 33B - 18 Barzal Alto, Villavicencio, Colombia
  • +(57) 8 683 66 80
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