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  • Aircraft, Helicopter, UAV, Spacecraft & related equipment
  • Electrical, Electronics & Electro-optics
  • Radar, Sonar, Navigation, Targeting, Surveillance
  • Weapons & Ammunition

TATA ADVANCED SYSTEMS LIMITED (TASL), a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Sons, is the strategic Aerospace and Defence arm of the TATA Group. TASL is both an operating & a holding company.

TASL group is fast emerging as a key Defence and Aerospace player in India with established capabilities and demonstrated deliveries in the following areas:

  • Missile Systems and sub-systems,
  • Radar Systems and sub-systems,
  • Command & Control Systems,
  • Aerospace & Aero-Structures,
  • Unmanned Aerial Systems,
  • Optronic Systems,
  • Homeland Security Solutions.


Tata Advanced Systems Limited (TASL) - Pictures

Missile Systems

Missile Systems is a key focus area for TASL group and it aims to be the leading Indian private player complementary to the public sector. TASL has demonstrated its capability, both commercial and technical, by successfully winning major tenders for systems against established players and thereafter to meet all milestones as required by the customer (DRDO). TASL and its subsidiaries are currently participating in development of sub-systems for 3 major Indian Missile programs.

TASL is currently undertaking a limited series production & assembly of critical Mil-grade flight worthy missile components such as Rocket motor casing, Control fins & Thrust Vector control systems for an Indian Missile Program, with additional focus on Missile body components, delay electronics, wiring harness and actuators. TASL has been shortlisted to undertake production & assembly work for aircraft pods for a major global OEM.

As a major participant in a second and third Indian missile programme, TASL is involved in design & manufacture of Mission Control centres (MCC)/ Combat Management Systems (CMS) for Missile Defence & Medium Range Surface to Air Missile (MRSAM) programs of Indian Defence forces.

Radar Systems

Radars are a key thrust area. NOVA, a 100% TASL subsidiary, is participating in major radar acquisition programs of Indian Defence Services via partnership with global OEMs. For all such programs, detailed production and ToT arrangements have been worked out to meet the requirements of Indian MoD. Some of the key programs are:

  • Indian Navy’s Surface Surveillance Radar Program.
  • Indian Navy’s 3D C/D Band Radar.
  • Indian Air Force’s High Power Radar.

NOVA is working on opportunities with global OEMs to be their Indian Offset Partner for Radar programs. Subsidiary HELA has a Microwave Electronics facility in Hyderabad catering to design, development and manufacture of microwave super components, sub-systems and Automatic Test Equipments (ATEs).

Command & Control Systems

Land Systems

TASL & its subsidiary NOVA are involved in design & manufacture of Mission control Centers (MCC) & Combat Management Systems (CMS). These Mobile MCC & CMS units are designed to ensure deployment in any physical geography and operate under extreme weather conditions. In addition, these shelter and trailer based units are designed to survive HEMP & BC Events. The MCC units are equipped with multi-layer Satellite Communication backed by rugged leased line connectivity using national information backbone. The satellite Communication network of the MCC can be designed to operate in HUB/MESH architecture delivering Point to Point or All Aware network model. Additional communication equipment like Line of Sight Radio Links can also be used based on mission requirements. The mission centers are customizable based on user requirements. They can be configured with Enterprise Grade equipment for intensive computing application or provided with compact & rugged units for switching, routing, VoIP and network management.

TASL is also focusing on developing complementary products that are integral part of Command Control Systems. Some such products that TASL has developed are Rugged switches, Radio Interoperability Gateways with VoIP, Precision Timing Protocols, Network Management Systems and RF Planning & Deployment Tools. These enable seamless connectivity and quick deployment of Mission Control Centers and Missile launchers in Tactical Battle Area.

Maritime Systems

TASL has developed state of the platform automation system based on an integrated Command & Control architecture designed to enable platform management for the modern day Naval and Commercial Marine vessels. TASL offers maritime solutions such as Integrated Platform Management System, Integrated Bridge Management System, Combat Management Systems, Integrated anti-submarine warfare defence suite, integrating sensors from different OEMs. These systems aid in enhanced operational efficiency of the marine platforms and crew to make intelligent decisions depending on the tactical and operational situations.

Aerospace & Aerostructures

TASL has been established as the lead entity for the Tata Group to address the large aerospace and aerostructure opportunities for India as well as for the rest of the world.  With 3 operational programs, proven deliveries, and more than 1400 highly trained resources, TASL is on its way towards becoming the global supplier of choice of global aerospace OEMs. The backbone of TASL’s vision is its capability across the value chain - design, engineering, detailed part manufacturing and major structural assembly. The programs are nurtured with the highest level of customer focus and safety, delivered through robust quality systems, procedures and practices certified to AS 9100, NADCAP standards.

Following are the key Programs under execution where TASL has become global single source supplier to the OEMs:

  • Sikorsky S 92 Helicopter Cabin Assembly including Wire Harness Installation.
  • Lockheed Martin C 130 J Empennage & Center Wing Box Assembly.
  • Detailed Part Manufacturing (Tata Sikorsky JV) with capabilities in Machining, Sheet metal forming, tube bending, special processes, quality assurance.

Unmanned Aerial Systems

AIS Limited

Unmanned Aerial Systems are a key ingredient of C4I systems offering the security forces with real-time ISR capabilities. In-house design and development of Mini & Micro UAV systems, complemented by indigenous design of major subsystems like Autopilot, Ground Control Station, Gimbal based payloads etc. has enabled TASL to offer cutting edge solutions for the current and future UAV requirements of the Indian Security Forces.

Optronic Systems

TASL and its subsidiaries have facilities replete with Clean Room, in-house Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) Test facilities etc., with a strategic view of achieving indigenisation in the field of Night vision devices and Electro-optic systems through transfer of technical know-how from major foreign technology partners. TASL carries out assembly of 3rd Generation Image Intensifier based NVDs at its facility in NOIDA, and assembly and testing of complex Electro-optic payload and dual-axis gimbal assemblies from NOVA’s facility in Hyderabad.

Homeland Security Systems

TAS AGT Limited

TAS-AGT Limited is a joint venture between Tata Advanced Systems Limited (TASL) and AGT International. TAS-AGT provides State-of-the-art Homeland Security Solutions, integrated with a centralized Command and Control System which provides a Unified Situational Awareness Picture (USAP) to the user

TAS-AGT’s key focus areas include the following:

  • Integrated Security Solution,
  • Security Audit - Gap Analysis and Solution & Approach recommendation,
  • Security Consulting – Survey, Threat Assessment, Risk Analysis, Solution Design.

TAS-AGT’s key focus areas include the following:

  • Critical Infrastructure-Customized solutions for Installations such as Steel plants, Chemical plants.
  • Mass Transit - Railways, Metros, Airports, Road Transport Hubs, Express-ways, Highways.
  • Public Safety - Safe City, Safe Hotels, Tourist Places, Universities.
  • Border, Marine and Coastal Security.
  • Integrated Building Management Solution (IBMS).

Tata Advanced Systems Limited (TASL)

  • HQ: Thapar House Eastern Wing, Third Floor, 124 Janpath, 110001, New Delhi, India
  • +91 011 6622 2666
  • +91 011 2334 1585
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