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  • Composites, Plastics & Rubber
  • Metal Processing, Parts & Components
  • Raw Materials
  • Weapons & Ammunition

The Shostka State Factory "Zirka", put into operation in 1739, is one of the oldest enterprises of the CIS and a part of the parent state concern Ukroboronprom.

In terms of military, the plant makes:

  • Pyroxylin gunpowder for a propellant powder to shots of barreled artillery, mortars, to recoilless tools, systems of near fight, small arms and small-calibre guns also carries out assembly of charges
  • Safety fuses intended for initiation of caps - detonators and special products
  • Smoky granular gunpowder intended for production of pyrotechnic means
  • Igniters to charges from smokeless gunpowder, charges to grenades
  • Delay mechanisms and amplifiers to detonators and primers
  • Carries out assembly of charges and a complete set of shots to 125mm to a gun of D-81, 122mm to a howitzer of D-30, 130mm to a gun of M-46, 100mm to the cannon launcher 2A70 (for BMP-3)
  • Masters production of pyroxylin gunpowder of brand 6/7P-5bpfl which is applied to production of 30 mm of cartridges to a gun 2A42, to new shots to 100 mm to the cannon launcher 2A70
  • Introduces developments for extension of a warranty period of operation of products of 23mm, 30mm, 12.7mm, 81 mm and 7.62mm of calibres and utilisation of ammunition and mines.

Manufacturing of products that can also be used as well in a civilian context:

  • Micanite forming; micafabric, micatape, glassmica
  • Electrical-insulating varnishes
  • Nitrocellulose and paint products - enamels for coating internal and external wood and metallic surfaces
  • Special varnishes for the Aviation and Electronic industries
  • Collodion of the VV, VNV, PSV, NH brands
  • OSHA, OShP safety fuses
  • Hunting gunpowder "Polar Bear", "Kruk"
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Shostka State Factory "Zirka"

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