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  • Maintenance Repair Overhaul and Logistics Support
  • Radar, Sonar, Navigation, Targeting, Surveillance

Lviv Radio Repair Plant is a member of the state concern Ukroboronprom, specialising in the overhaul of radar location stations of air target reconnaissance (P-18, PRV-16, PRV-13, NRZ-4P, NRZ-6P, AGU P-14, AGU 5N84A,) and of radar stations of air defence systems (S-125, S-75).

  • Area of production divisions - 11.6 thousand m2
  • Number of working places - 424
  • Workers qualification - 3-6 category

Principal equipment:

  • High precision electrical-type devices, radio metering devices of the LF, HF and SHF ranges
  • Special stand equipment for radars
  • Turning-milling, welding, galvanic and other equipment of general production purpose

Main capabilities:

  • Overhaul and maintenance of radar stations (RS) of type 1РЛ1З1, 1РЛ132, 1РЛ14, all modifications
  • Overhaul and maintenance of radar requesters of type 1Л22, 1Л24, 1РЛ23, all modifications
  • Modernization of systems of the 1РЛ131 product
  • Maintenance of recognition equipment of the 6110 type
  • Maintenance of radio metering devices. Electrotechnical and metrological measurements and testing
  • Development and manufacturing of stand equipment, which is used in maintenance of radars of various types
  • Manufacturing of training classes for studying samples of the radar arms, simulators' making
  • Restoration of efficiency of radar arms in forces
  • Manufacture, preparation, testing and conservation of spare parts for radar stations
  • Manufacture of tools and equipment of general (wrenches, screwdrivers, etc.) and of special purpose (nozzles, removers, clamps, and others)
  • Total dismantling of products (Radars - РЛ131,1РЛ132,1Л22, 1Л24, 1РЛ23) of category V and selection (categorization) of assemblies, parts after dismantling; complete utilisation of unserviceable parts and assemblies; collection of non-ferrous metals and irons produced by utilisation
  • Production of consumer's goods (garages, decorative gates, hand-rail, joiner's and saddler's products, artistic forging, metal works, etc.)   

The enterprise offers collaboration in the following fields for potential partners:

  • Maintenance/repair of the following products: 1РЛ131, 1РЛ14, 1РЛ132, 1Л22, 1Л24, 1РЛ23
  • Modernization of the 1РЛ131 product's system
  • Maintenance/repair of recognition equipment of the 6110 type
  • Manufacturing, preparation, testing and conservation of spare parts for the RS
  • Manufacturing of components for the RS (cables, functional units, assemblies, etc.)




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Lviv Radio Repair Plant

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