Last Update June 20, 2023


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2iC are a thought-leading UK company that makes innovative software to integrate diverse systems that are usually unattended, wearable or vehicle-borne. 2iC's software enables flexible integration and coordination across old and new digital systems; where previously it was too difficult, too expensive or too slow.

2iC's off the shelf software:

- Provides flexible, secure coordination between digital systems – enabling interoperability.

- Enables integration of old, new and future systems – maximising investment.

- Lowers development and support costs – cutting development time and risk while increasing margins.

The 2iC technology has been proven by the UK Ministry of Defence.

2iC Limited

  • Enterprise Centre, Royal Holloway, University of London, TW20 0EX , Egham, United Kingdom
  • +442081237479
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