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The Academy of Technical Training, was established on the basis and principles of providing excellent path to success and professionalism. The plans and professional steps were streamlined to achieve its principles with the aim to be one of the leading institutions in the area of training at all levels, state level, the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council, Arab and European countries.

The Academy of Technical Training is a national institution which aims to provide a new vision to serve the areas of training programs theory and practical in various aviation fields such as:

  • Aviation security and safety,
  • Air traffic control,
  • Management of aircraft accidents, etc.

The curriculum and courses are accredited and certified by the General Civil Aviation Authority of U.A.E.

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Academy of Technical Training

  • Knowledge Village - P.O. Box 53737, Block 13/G - 41, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • +971 436 71888
  • +971 436 78040
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