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AeroGlow Ltd. is a UK based company founded in 2005 which now has a concentrated business within both the UK and US defense markets. AeroGlow is essentially an amalgamation of industry engineers, and medical/scientific professionals focused on user safety and safety related capability for both land and air vehicles.

AeroGlow Ltd. in association with many UK and US agencies has been involved in advancing products to counter the still growing threat of IED attacks in Theatre. With over 1000 systems supplied to the US Armed Forces, the AeroGlow Hatch Lighting and Orientation (HaLO) System has improved post IED survivability and duty of care to front line troops. HaLO is a blast, roll and water activated escape lighting system which automatically illuminates vehicle exits and hatch mechanisms during and following an IED attack, or accident.

More recently AeroGlow has refined the knowledge gained in HaLO live blast trials. Aeroglow is currently developing an ultra-capacitor power supply and a modular “plug and play” version of its Halo lighting system, these enhancements will allow for decreased through life costs and allow for easier vehicle integration.

AeroGlow Limited

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