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AILGA RUBBER WORKS was established in 1959, to service a specific sector of the rubber moulding industry. It has been developed to service the high precision sector of the industry, as well as customers who require first class services.

As the company has developed within this market sector, it has developed the compounding and testing equipment necessary to provide customers with a complete service with a material development, mould design and manufacturing capacity to handle rubber moulding, rubber to metal bonding, extruded rubber profiles, different types of rubber glues & adhesives and rubber compounds against different Russian and DTD specifications.

For over three decades the Company has been solving the most difficult problems with rubber and rubber-like materials. In addition to the products, the necessary techniques are being incessantly developed. New products are diversifying the manufacturing processes and new raw materials are reinforcing the foundation of the firm. The sole purpose is to attain technological self-reliance.

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Ailga Rubber Works

  • 84/8, Fazalganj, Kanpur, India
  • +91 512 221 7068, +91 512 221 7044, +91 512 221 6286
  • +91-512-2216213
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